Nakhreeli Mohabatain by Seema Shahid

Nakhreeli Mohabatain Complete Urdu Novel By Seema Shahid


Nakhreeli Mohabatain is the best Urdu and romantic novel by Seema Shahid. This novel shows the love of people. They depend upon each other’s feeling. Showing distant from being of each other but loving from inside. Doing so serious joking things getting frustratted by life and then again come forward for the next. Nakhreeli Mohabatain make us learn many things. The difficulties of life, its tremendous bends, and then the clearity of shining Sun.

Seema Shahid is the best novelist. She has written many novels in urdu which poeple liked. She is writting many more. Her novels are interesting as well as love based, romantic, giving us many things to learn.

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This novel will make you feel the difficulties of life and the circumstances effect our behaviour. We starts to understand the life’s rules.

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If you want to read a complete pdf novel you can download”Ham Deewany Se” from here..


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Nakhreeli Mohabatain by Seema Shahid


Nakhreeli mohabbatain novel by seema shahid


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