Rude hero kidnapping based novels

Are you looking for rude hero kidnapping based novels? Well, I am not an expert in writing rude hero kidnapping based novels. But I have read many books that include rude hero kidnapping and I have been impressed with the storyline of many books. I have listed some of the best books that I have read and enjoyed reading.

You will find a wide range of characters in these novels. There are stories about people who are kidnapped, rescued, and even have to live in a dungeon for years.

Rude hero kidnapping based novels

It is very important to know what kind of novel you are reading before you proceed further. Hero kidnapping is a common theme in many romance novels. A hero kidnaps a heroine, and the hero takes her away to his castle or to an exotic location. After that, he falls in love with her, and then they get married.

Most of the time, the hero kidnaps the heroine because he wants to keep her safe from harm. He might do this to save her from an evil villain.

There are many interesting and funny stories written about hero kidnapping. But it is better to read stories that are based on real experiences, as they will make you laugh and cry.

I have reviewed the top 10 novels that are based on real-life hero kidnapping stories. These novels are available for free reading on the Internet, so you can read the entire book before deciding to buy it.

List of Rude hero kidnapping based novels

  1. Hijab Complete Novel By Rida Abid
  2. Ik Panna Ishq Da Novel By Samina Kanwal Seyal
  3. Maan Chaha Yaar Complete novel By Maleeha Noor
  4. Woh Ajnabi Apna Sa Lagey urdu novel By Hina Hassan
  5. Dard jo mila apno se by Hoor Bano
  6. Dil ka rishta by Sehrish Khan Malik
  7. Intizar e la hasil by Umme Ghani
  8. Humraz mery by Aasiya Raees
  9. Yeh kesa ishq hai by Syeda Ramsha Touqeer
  10. Aashiqatam by Basima Abdul Rahman
  11. Rudad e ishq by Mubeen Fatima



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