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10 Books Recommended By TikTok

Among the most significant and most intriguing is #BookTok, which has altered the publication scene over the past 2 years and provided a ton of back catalog books fresh start.

The subsequent ten novels are a perfect example of how that community can propel works that are years—or even centuries onto the bestseller list (one novel on the listing is over ten decades old when the call recorder wasn’t even a thing!).

Cain’s Jawbone by Edward Powys Mathers

This detective story puzzle manuscript, initially published around 1934 and purposefully issued with its chapters in the incorrect sequence, is a good illustration of BookTok’s ability to shuffle the blacklist.

This almost 90-year-old book went out of print because of some viral TikTok videos showing viewers attempting to reorder its chapters into the correct sequence and thereby complete the riddle.

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

The Atlas Six, which Blake self-published through Kindle Digital Publication in 2020, is yet another illustration of the tremendous potential of a BookTok group. However, it immediately gained popularity via TikTok.

Tor Publishers is reissuing the novel on March 1st with something like a cover picture, a fresh edit, and more material. Amazon Studios also has designated the story to be turned into a miniseries for assignment. A follow-up is also being developed.

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

The magnificent, unsettling debut novel by Glasgow was a NY Times bestseller when it was published earlier in 2016, but now it has a fresh start due to BookTok. as well as a spot for the previous 5 months upon that NYT hardback list.

Girl in Pieces is a classic and significant novel, and it’s because of BookTok, that people who are having trouble locating books are now discovering Girl in Pieces.

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They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

As Adam Silvera’s poignant book, involving two guys who connect and find love after learning they would perish in a day, was published in 2017, it’s already quite well-liked. However, BookTok’s enthusiasm for the novel has elevated its fame to a different extreme.

The novel is now the most popular paperback title, according to the NY Times, & HBO is developing a miniseries based on it. This news that Silvera was already hired to create a prequel, scheduled to come out later in the year, will excite readers of the novel.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Do you want your emotions to be shattered? Many videos showing readers sobbing after reading the book can be found on TikTok, while many others declare that they would never check it for fear of not having to withstand the emotional fallout.

Huge success on BookTok, A Little Life was first published in 2015 and suddenly acquired a fresh start. As a result, fans anxiously awaited Yanagihara’s subsequent book, which was again published in January.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Although Miller’s second book, Circe, also has gained a lot of traction on BookTok, and The Song of Achilles is still not the only one to do so, considering it was first published in 2011, experts think it best demonstrates how effective the site is at attracting new people to a writer’s backlist.

If you type the title into TikTok, you’ll find several clips of book fans sobbing, yelling, and even puking (as the cliché goes) after finishing the book.

The Heartstopper series by Alice Osman

Alice Osman’s Heartstopper book, a quartet of picture books that started as a comic strip, went through a self-publishing phase in print and was eventually brought up by Big 5 publishers Hachette; it does have a small following online but has grown thanks to BookTok significantly.

Netflix’s plans to remake the Lgbt coming-of-age tale for television were first revealed last year.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Although Lockhart’s clever, youthful lyrical thriller had a sizable following when it was first published in 2014, BookTok has helped it develop into a natural phenomenon over the last two years.

This was recently revealed that E. Lockhart has already been writing a prologue, which is anticipated in May, comparable to the Silvera book on this roster.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

On BookTok, any trope is more prevalent than the foes to admirers. As we previously discussed, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is among the first works to use that cliché. As a result of BookTok’s enthusiasm for it, this author’s sales have increased significantly.

It presently holds place 162 in Barnes & Noble’s revenue ranking, which is respectable for a book that was first released in 1813.

Colleen Hoover’s Entire Catalog (It Ends With Us, Ugly Love, Verity)

For this section, we could not pick all but one from Colleen Hoover’s novels because she now holds three slots on the Bestseller Lists. Hoover’s novels were nonetheless given a new impetus on the site. Still, she has also established herself as just a legitimate TikTok celebrity by sharing videos of both her life and her books.

She has more than 660 thousand followers at this writing (believe us, she’s hilarious). It was recently revealed that Hoover intends to pen a follow-up to It Ends With Us, called It Starts With Us, as just a result of the film’s success on TikTok.


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