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6 Most Convenient eBook Services 2022

The introduction of internet subscription services to get unlimited access to your favorite content medium has changed how we consume mass media, from seasons to movies, songs, and even literature. 

Regarding eBook subscription services, the benefits of getting one far outweigh any cons. These services are no less than a blessing for bookworms and bibliophiles as you don’t have to spend a fortune getting paperback editions. Instead, you get a whole collection of million books present within a small application for a flat fee. 

Most Convenient eBook Services

Are ebook subscriptions worth it?

Although the charm of paperbacks is timeless, eBooks are more economical, better for the environment, and save space on your bookshelf for your best reads that you can’t help but want to own the paperback version of. Plus, you can try countless books, explore new titles and genres, and widen your literary horizons without paying an extra penny over your monthly rate.

Today we’ll be looking at the six best eBook services that anyone with a love for books should consider! 

However, before you continue, know that not all eBook services are created the same. And some may place content blocks on their app, restricting book access in specific regions. But there is no need to fret as there is a simple way to get rid of such petty location blocks, and that is none other than installing a VPN. However, if you are unfamiliar with the concept of VPN, understanding the vpn definition and how it works can help you better navigate the internet under vpn protection.

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Now that we have this out of the way – Let’s continue!

Six convenient eBook subscription services

  1. Scribd

Scribd offers worldwide access to an enormous library of eBooks and is considered the best subscription service for avid bookworms and students. Users can also choose to upload their literary works to the platform. It’s available on all devices from iOS to android, kindle, and windows.

How much does Scribd cost?

You can access everything that Scribd offers for a month at a monthly rate of $8.99. You can explore over a million eBooks, audiobooks, and academic literature.

  1. Bookmate

Bookmate is another eBook service, which provides limitless access to over twelve million books from over six hundred publishers, available in twelve languages. Apart from that, Bookmate also offers a wonderfully curated comics collection. 

How much does Bookmate cost?

You can get it for a flat fee of $9.99/mo or a yearly fee of $99.96. Plus, it also offers a seven-day free-of-cost trial.

  1. Kindle

Kindle provides access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks and audiobooks. It has many classic titles and an amazing collection of indie stories and magazines. You can easily download it on devices including iOS, android, mac, windows, and the web. However, don’t forget to install VeePN to get access to all the titles regardless of your location.

How much is a Kindle book subscription?

The monthly Kindle subscription costs $9.99. By becoming a member, you can freely explore all the available titles and read any eBook that piques your interest. It comes with a day free trial.

  1. 24symbols

24symbols adds a unique twist to its services by introducing a social element where users can set up their individualized libraries and profiles. It offers a database of over a million eBooks that are accessible offline.

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription of $8.99 is all you need for unrestricted access to 24symbols.

  1. Blinkist

Blinkist is for those with little time to read. So, users may read and listen to summarized versions of their favorite books prepared by literary professionals. They offer a curated collection of 3000 titles with 30 new ones added monthly.

How much does Blinkist cost?

You can get Blinkist for a premium monthly price of $14.99 or a yearly quote of $89.99.

  1. KoboPlus

KoboPlus gets you endless access to a library of eBooks. Currently, it is exclusively accessible to Belgian, Dutch, and Canadian users. However, despite the geographical constraints, the service is popular among its audience.

How much does KoboPlus cost?

You can get it on all devices for $10 per mo, with a thirty-day free-of-cost trial.

What is the cheapest way to get ebooks?

The cheapest way to get eBooks is by borrowing them from your public library or looking through the free catalogs available on Kindle and Kobo.


We hope you found today’s article helpful. If you love reading and still don’t use an eBook subscription service – you’re missing out big time. Consider our suggestions before finalizing your choice, and don’t forget to install VeePN to get unrestricted access to your favorite eBooks – Happy Reading~


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