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Famous Novels in Urdu – Urdu Novel list


We are going to share with you the top Best Urdu Novel. We have made this famous Urdu novels list after spending a couple of hours searching and thinking about novels. The list of the famous novels in Urdu is here in which novels to read online free.

Novels List | Famous Urdu Novels

We have tried to add all the good Urdu novels. In a list of Famous novels in Urdu you are looking any other novel, just let us know, you can send us a novel name we will upload soon, But we are going to share one of the best writers novels.. Last but not least here is the list of best Urdu writers:

Novels to reading Online Free

The famous Urdu novel is so interesting and wonderful. People love to read it. Beautiful feelings come when we read the Urdu novel. difficulties of life come and go but it matters how we tackle it. Happiness comes and goes and never prolongs so we should always be thankful for this life and the famous Urdu novels writers.


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What is Novel?

A novel is a moderately long work of story fiction, regularly written in exposition structure, and which is commonly distributed as a book. The present English word for a long work of composition fiction gets from the Italian novella for “new”, “news”, or “a short story of something new”, itself from the Latin novella, a particular thing utilization of the fix plural of Novellus, small of Novus, signifying “new”.Walter Scott made a differentiation between the novel.

How Many Words in a Novel?

The precise number of words that make up a novel shifts incredibly relying upon the class and person taste, in any case, a book is viewed as a novel in the event that it has in excess of 50,000 words.

How to Write a Novel?

This is the place you make your story and compose a presentation that pulls readers in. Here are strong resources for how to begin a story. If you need a few more tips.

  1. Search out sources of motivation for your novel.
  2. Make noteworthy characters to populate your reality.
  3. Make an unforgettable main character.
  4. Connect with the auditorium of the Readers brain.

Where you can read a novel online?

The Internet is a significant instrument to find ebooks we need., You can peruse books on the Internet, in your browser. The most well-known websites are listed below.

  1. Project Gutenberg
  2. Google Books
  3. Smashwords
  4. Blurb
  5. Scribd
  6. Bookish
  7. Wattpad

Best Urdu Novels Pakistani writers


  1.  Bin Roye Ansoo By Farhat Ishtiaq
  2.  Tum Hansti Achi Lagti Ho By Farhat Ishtiaq
  3.  Mata E Jaan Hai Tu By Farhat Ishtiaq
  4.  Ulti Ho Gayin Sab Tadbeerein 
  5.  Wo Ik Aisa Shajar Ho By Farhat Ishtiaq
  6. Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq
  7. Mere humdam mere dost by Farhat Ishtiaq
  8. Jo Bachy Hain Sang Smait Lo by Farhat Ishtiaq
  9. Wo yaqeen ka aik naya safar by Farhat Ishtiaq
  10. Rait se but na bana by Farhat Ishtiaq
  11. Wo jo Qarz rakhtay thay jaan per by Farhat Ishtiaq
  12. Sirf Mohabbat novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  13. Yeh hansta hua mausam novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  14. Mohabbat aik sagar novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  15. Kab hath mein tera hath nahin novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  16. Khushi ko dhoondtay hoye novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  17. Aap apnay daam main novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  18. Taqreeb kuch to behr e mulaqat novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  19. Jo bache hain sang samait lo novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  20. Yeh khawab to ik sarab hai novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  21. Dil hi to hai na sang o khisht novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  22. Kuch pagal pagal se hum novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  23. Badla mere hamraz ka rang novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  24. Yeh sharakat gawara hai mujhe novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  25. Aaien e wafa novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  26. Junoon tha ke justju novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  27. Main aur chanda mama novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  28. Tere liye hai mera dil novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  29. Mausam e gul novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  30. Abhi kuch din lagain gay novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  31. Chalo toro qasam iqrar karen novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  32. Safar ki shaam novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  33. Pal bhar rasta tay karne main novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  34. Khushi ko dhondtay huey novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  35. Dil se nikle hain jo lafz novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  36. Khushboo badal chand hawa novel by Farhat Ishtiaq

  1. Aaen se aurt by Farah Tahir
  2. Aana ki jeet by Farah Tahir
  3. Aanchal ka meena bazar by Farah Tahir
  4. Abghinay pay taj mehain by Farah Tahir
  5. Ablaa pa by Farah Tahir
  6. Adb adeeb by farah tahir
  7. Aek thi guriya by farah tahir
  8. Ahsasy Nadamt by farah tahir
  9. Ahtrame mahobt by farah tahir
  10. baat toh sach thi by farah tahir
  11. Bebasi by farah tahir
  12. Bhatakti rooh by farah tahir
  13. Bitya ka angna by farah tahir
  14. chingari main dabi khuwaish by farah tahir 
  15. chup k dukh by farah tahir
  16. israry zindaghi by farah tahir
  17. jazba e nisaar by farah tahir
  18. khalosy raigha by farah tahir
  19. khas mehmaan by farah tahir
  20. khuwaisho k rang by farah tahir
  21. khuwaisho ki be rang titliyan by farah tahir
  22. kuch kaliyan chand gulab by farah tahir
  23. Khawab khuwaish aor arzu by farah tahir
  24. la hasli ka hasil by farah tahir
  25. lagi tum se lagan by farah tahir
  26. loot sail by farah tahir
  27. mahobato k gulab by farah tahir 
  28. mahobt jeet hoti hai by farah tahir
  29. main ne pareet nibhai by farah tahir
  30. Mery dil se bojh otaar do by Farah Tahir
  31. Milo gy tumHm ko magr nasibo se by farah tahir
  32. Mn batiya by farah tahir
  33. Naae mosamo ki khusbo by farah tahir
  34. Nanhi khuwaish by farah tahir
  35. Nazuk door by farah tahir
  36. Open merit by farah tahir
  37. Pachtawa by farah tahir
  38. Qismat k khail by farah tahir
  39. sachi mahobt by farah tahir
  40. sawal by farah tahir
  41. Shishy sa aytbaar by farah tahir
  42. sochny ki baat by farah tahir
  43. tavizy hub by farah tahir
  44. tazaad by farah tahir
  45. tum hi rehty ho dil main by farah tahir
  46. tum zeest ka hasil ho by farah tahir
  47. Ujli subho ki mehaikti eid az qalm farah tahir
  48. Vehmay az qalam Farah Tahir
  49. Wafa matoob theeri az qalam Farah Tahir
  50. wapsi az qalam Farah Tahir
  51. ye zindaghi by farah tahir
  52. zindaghi pholo ki raah guzar by farah tahir

we are going to share with you Huma Waqas Novels. Huma Waqas is currently considered one of the Facebook writers. she has written a few novels so far but the number of people who read her novels in a thousand. That’s why we are sharing with you the Huma Waqas novels list.

Huma Waqas Novels List

  1. Harmaan Naseeb Na Thay Novel By Huma Waqas
  2. Mahween Novel Complete By Huma Waqas
  3. Dil Galti Kar Betha Hai Novel By Huma Waqas
  4. Husna Novel Complete By Huma Waqas
  5. Maqsoom Novel By Huma Waqas
  6. Anokhi Jeet By Huma Waqas
  7. Mohe Piya Milan Ki Aas By Huma Waqas
  8. Ajab Bandhan Complete Novel By Huma Waqas
  9. Zeest Ke Hamrahi Novel By Huma Waqas

Umera Ahmed Who is one of the best Urdu famous Novel writers. Umaira Ahmed composed numerous famous novels. Alif Novel is finished in the month of august now Alif Drama serial launched by Hum tv,  Umera Ahmed novels contact the core of perusers so she is the best novel writer.  Free internet perusing of novels Umera Ahmed Novels brings a great deal of learning. I am offering to you the absolute best novels writer Umera Ahmed novels

  1.  Aab e Hayat CompleteUrdu  Novel
  2.  Peer e Kamil Complete Urdu  Novel
  3. Amar Bail Complete Urdu  Novel
  4.  Aao Hum Pehla Qadam Dhrten Hen
  5. Husna Aur Husan Ara By Umera Ahmed 
  6. Soda Urdu Novel by umera Ahmed
  7. Aks Urdu Novel  By Umera Ahmed
  8. Darbar e dil novel by Umera Ahmed
  9. Wohi dil ke thehar jane ka mausam by Umera Ahmed
  10. Hasil novel by Umera Ahmed
  11. La Hasil novel by Umera Ahmed
  12. Bas ik dagh e nadamat novel by Umera Ahmed
  13. Harf se lafz tak novel by Umera Ahmed
  14. Shehar e zaat  urdu novel by Umera Ahmed
  15. Abi To Maat Baqi Hai By Umera Ahmed
  16. Man o salwa novel by Umera Ahmed
  17. Iman umeed aur mohabbat novel by Umera Ahmed
  18. Band kawaron ke aagay novel by Umera Ahmed
  19. Doraha novel by Umera Ahmed
  20. Koi baat hai teri bat main by Umera Ahmed
  21. Wapsi Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed
  22. Teri yaad khar e gulab hai novel by Umera Ahmed
  23. Koi lamha khawab nahin hota by Umera Ahmed
  24. Mere 50 Pasandeda scene by Umera Ahmed
  25. Thora sa aasman novel by Umera Ahmed
  26. Main ne khawabon ka shajar deakha hai novel by Umaira Ahmed
  27. Yeh jo ik subha ka sitara hai novel by Umera Ahmed
  28. Zindagi gulzar hai novel by Umera Ahmed
  29. Meri zaat zarra e benishan novel by Umera Ahmed
  30. Koi Baat hai Teri baat main Urdu  novel by Umera Ahmed
  31. Maat Hone tak Novel by Umera Ahmed 
  32. Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel by Umera Ahmed 
  33. Qaid e Tanhai Novel By Umaira Ahmad
  34. Kankar Urud Novel by Umera Ahmed
  35. Seher Ek Isti’ara Hay Pdf Novel by Umera Ahmed
  36. Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hota by Umera Ahmed
  37. Hum Kahan Ke Sache Thay by Umera Ahmed
  38. Doosra Dozakh novel by Umaira Ahmad
  39. Urhan Urdu Novel by Umaira Ahmad

Yusra Shah is very famous Urdu novel writer. she has written many novels for her readers. people love to read her novels. She writes romantic Novels.

Here is the list of her Novels:

  1. Mujhe Ishq Tera Ly Dooba Novel by Yusra Shah
  2. kab Hui Teri Main Rab Jany Mera Novel by Yusra Shah
  3. Ham Nazar Se Utar Gaey Hoon Gay Novel by Yusra Shah
  4. Justaju Meri Aakhri Ho Tum Novel by Yusra Shah
  5. Ana Parast Novel by Yusra Shah

Best Urdu Novel List All Time

We have included all kinds of Urdu novels on the list. You can easily find by the searching novel name. There are almost thousands of Urdu novels on the list. you can go to the next page by clicking the next button. Next Button is at the end of the Urdu Novels list.

ہم نے ہر طرح کے ناولوں کو فہرست میں شامل کیا ہے۔ آپ تلاش کے ناول کے نام سے آسانی سے ڈھونڈ سکتے ہیں۔ اس فہرست میں قریب ہزاروں ناول ہیں۔ آپ اگلے بٹن پر کلک کرکے اگلے صفحے پر جا سکتے ہیں۔ اگلا بٹن اردو ناول کی فہرست کے آخر میں ہے۔

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Urdu Novels List | Famous Urdu Novels

Choti Si KhwahishAmna YasinKidnapping Based NovelsLink
Jo Socha Na ThaGhanaya SajjadCousin Marriage NovelLink
Teri Berukhi Meri ChahatBiya AhmedCousin Marriage NovelLink
Umeed E EhtbarSidrah ChaudharyCousin Marriage NovelLink
Tum Sang Jeena HaiSubas GulCousin Marriage NovelLink
Ujhanon Ki Dagar Per Muskarai ZindagiSaima NazCousin Marriage NovelLink
Mere Ho Ke RahoMayeza MughalCousin Marriage NovelLink
Ishq Nay Roll DetaAlishbaChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Pehli NazarIrsa RaoChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Aas Baqi HaiSidra HayatChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
ZakhmFatima KhanChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Mohabbat Se Mohabbat HaiBeena KhanChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
MunkirAlizay SheikhChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Mohabbat Ki KhatirS A YousafChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Umeed E ChahatMadiha UmairChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Manzoor E NazarJiya AbbasiGangster Hero Based NovelsLink
Qarboont E BeramSamreen ShahGangster Hero Based NovelsLink
Mera Mujrim Bna MehramAina AhmadGangster Hero Based NovelsLink
Wahshat Zada MohabbatH.A ChaudhrayGangster Hero Based NovelsLink
Tum Meri Mohabbat HoArzoo PareeshyKidnapping Based NovelsLink
Ye Rastay Muhabbat KayIbn E AbdullahKidnapping Based NovelsLink
Mujhy Zindagi Ki Dua Na DeyEmaan KhanKidnapping Based NovelsLink
Reza Meri ZaatHira ShahkirRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Ain ishq jinhan nu lag jandaSuhaira AwaisRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Safaid IshqSania SaeedRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Main Gunahgar NahiMuneeba AsifRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Hechakiyan Mohabbat KiAmna MehmoodRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Hichkiyaan Muhabbat Ki (Season 2 )Amna MehmoodRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Mujha Tera Har Zulm QuboolSuhaira OwaisRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Main Wo or TurkeyAlishba RehmaniRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Shidat e IshqMirha ShahRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Hai Ab Iqrar Ka MosamHamna MohsinRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Yeh Bandhan Pyaar KaUme MariyamRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Momin Ki DuaSukaina ZaidiRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Pehlu Main Hai ChandMawra TalhaChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Yeh Zindagi Ke RastayUmme ImanChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Aye Mere HumdumShumaila JuttChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Saza e IshqSadi AbbaanChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Tanha kisi jazeeryMehak RoshanChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
LinkMehak RoshanChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Ab Se Tum Mere HoSidra HussainChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Be Intaha Iqra SheikhChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Ek Ajnabi Apna HowaAmreen RiazChildhood Nikah Based NovelLink
Meri Zindagi Hai TuNida Ali Love After marriage NovelsLink
Dil Faqeer Tere LiyeMadiha Saeed Love After marriage NovelsLink
Baqi AindaNaeema Naz Love After marriage NovelsLink
Shaam DhlayNadia Ahmed Love After marriage NovelsLink
IntekhabSehar Kanwal Love After marriage NovelsLink
Dil Dard Se Khali NahiNeelam Riyasat Love After marriage NovelsLink
Tum Se Mohabbat TakNageen Khan Love After marriage NovelsLink
Dehshat e MaatRaania SaddiqueForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Ziddi JunoonHamna TanveerForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Momin Ki HayaSehar AliForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Junoon Se Ishq Ki RahtAiman KhanForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Teri berukhi meri chahatBiya ahmedForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Roobaru Yaar KayParveenForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
ishq ka rang neelaZarwish KhanForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Ansoon Ki DuaaSamreen EhsaanForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Jis Tan Nu Lagdi Oh Tan JanyFarwa YousufForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Bheegi YadenSM WriterForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
RahguzarMaryam BibiForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Ziddi JunoonNeena KhanForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
KarzalAnum SanaForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Yeh IshqHamna TanveerForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Farz Aur MohabbatSajal AliForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Ishq Ki Pehli BarishSamaa ChaudharyForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
DuaNiaaRomantic Hero Teacher Based NovelLink
Kasak Rahe GiSadia SheikhForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Bin mangi duaIffat SeharForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Bisat E KhwabWajeeha BukhariForced Marriage Rude Hero Based NovelsLink
Kari dhoop ka safarSana AkhtarForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Phool he phool merey anderAliya HiraForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Khawab Ankhon Sameet Bechay HaiKashaf ChaudharyForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
DoarAsifa AwanForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Ab teri talab nahiAreesha GhazalForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Fiza mehakny lagiShazia MustafaForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Khawab ankhen aur tahbeerSadia AbidForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Pighalta hua mousamNayab JelaniForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Dayar e subah ke ujalon mainNayab JelaniForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Yaqeen e wafaHuma AmirForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Kion rasty ganwa bethyRukh ChaudharyForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Yeh andaz ahel e wafa kayJiya QureshiForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Chalo aao qasam toren iqrar karenHina MalikForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Is kar e junoon meinSundas JabeenForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Rah e ulfat meinSaba JavedForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Saltanat e DilMaryam AzizForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Mein Hara Naseeb SeJiya MughalForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Ishq Aurat Aur AnkabootGul ArbabForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Karna Tu Meri HifazatTehreem FatimaForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Dil Musafir TumAmreen RiazForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Tere Laut Any TakSeenia ChaudharyForced Marriage Urdu RomaForced Marriage Urdu Romantic Novelsntic NovelsLink
Tum Se Mohabbat Lazim haiUjala NazForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
KhamoshiyaanSidra SheikhForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
DarkanSidra KhanForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Ishq Tera Lagta Hai ZarooriHijab FatimaForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Tera Jogi HuyaTayabba ZainabForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Kaho Na Payar HaiSubas GulForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Tum Se Mohabbat LazimUjala NazForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Zah Tasra Meena KumHayat KhanForced Marriage Urdu Romantic NovelsLink
Main Azmaish Aur MohabbatMufiza AnsarRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
DuaNiaaRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Sirf TumAliya KhanRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Meri Mohabbat Tum Hi HoSaheba FirdousRomantic Love Based NovelsRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Kaif e BaharanSabeen AhemdRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Zeest Ka SafarRafia AzizRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Mera Sham Slona Shah PiyaBella SubhanRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
ZandanNeha MalikRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
Khud AgahiSitara NazRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
ChaalMisbah RajputRomantic Love Based NovelsLink
LinkHuzaira jaleelHijab Fatimafull romantic urdu novelsLinkLink
Hun badal waar barasBushrabold romantic urdu novels

Chahat k gulab lamheUzma Nazlifull romantic urdu novelsLink
Hum aur tumZeela Zafarfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Azab raston kaMahwish Aroojbold romantic urdu novels

Aey zehar mera taryakZara Zainabfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Jeena nahi tere binRaheelafull romantic urdu novelsLink
Dil  ghalti kr betha haiHuma Waqasfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Ik Sitam Aur Meri JaanZareenfull romantic urdu novelsLink
DestinyManahil  Khursheedbold romantic urdu novels

Baraf kay ansooNadia Kanwalfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Ishq Be MazhabSamreen Ehsanfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Badtameez IshqRadaba Noureenfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Aisa Ahle Dil HoNabeela Azizbold romantic urdu novels

Behaktay qadam Kathan rastyNadia Kanwalfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Meri Zindagi Ka Hasool Ho TumSeenia ChaudharyVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Sunehra AksSaba EshalVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Mohabbat Loat Bhi Sakti HaiNighat AbdullahVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Dil ki bisat perJabeen ZiaVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Main To Mar Kr Bhi Tumhen Chahaun GaNighat GhaffarVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Ajab Hain Silsilay Wafa KeFozuia GhazalVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
LibaasIqra HafeezVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Mujrim se MehramSarah KhanVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Us ki Aankhon Main Mera Aks ThaShazma AmirVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Mumkin NahinFarheen AzfarVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Mohabbat Ke Rang Apnon Ke SangKashmala MalikVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Mohabbat Aik PaheliAasia RaeesVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Main Kon HonRazia ButtVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Dil e AashnaYumna AkhtarVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Main To Mar Kr Bhi Tumhen Chahaun GaNighat GhaffarVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Azmaish e IshqYasmeen BilalVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Qatil IshqFatima NiaziVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
SniperRiaz AqibVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Qafas Ki PanchiSadia AbidVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Dast e kooza garFozia YasmeenVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Mohabbat Khawab SafarRukhsana NigarVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Dil ki dharkan  ban gayeParivasVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
InteqamShowing FlowerVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Na ShukriZeba HasanKidnapping Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
AitbarHijab FatimaKidnapping Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Ganda khoonHijab FatimaKidnapping Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Yeh IshqHamna TanveerKidaping Based novelLink
Dashat E ZulmaatRaania SaddiqueRude Hero Based NovelsLink
Tum Milo To Eid HoHuma RaoRude Hero Based NovelsLink
Mera Ishq TuSana KhaliqRude Hero Based NovelsLink
MochingSehar SajidRude Heroin based novelLink
Yeh Ranjishen Yeh QurbatenBushra AslamRude Hero Based NovelsLink
MohabbatSajal AliArmy Based Romantic Novels Army Based Romantic NovelsLink
Dashat E ZulmaatRaania SaddiqueArmy Based Romantic NovelsLink
Kathin RahenSyeda JaveeriaArmy Based Romantic NovelsLink
Husan e NikahHaadi KhanArmy Based Romantic NovelsLink
Tajdeed e MohabbatJiya Qureshiarmy hero based NovelLink
Watan Ki Mitti Gawah RehnaSaliha MehmoodArmy Based Romantic NovelsLink
JaanShaheena ChandaArmy Based Romantic NovelsLink
Mar Jawan Muk JawanNabila AbarArmy Based Romantic NovelsLink
Mera RakhwalaSamreen ShahArmy Based Romantic NovelsLink
Rooh E IshqMishal HassanHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Pehlu Main Hai ChandMawra TalhaHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Is Bars Rehne DoHaya BukhariHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Yeh Zindagi Ke RastayUmme ImanHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Dar e Dil Pe DastakNuzhat JabeenHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Be Rang PiyaAmjad JavedHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Behta DaryaAmna ShafiqueHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Shehar BanoMuhammad ShoaibHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Tu Mann ShudiHaya BukhariHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Tum Mera Naseeb HoAreesha GhazalHidden Nikah based novelsLink
Bisat E KhwabWajeeha BukhariHero Teacher Romantic NovelsLink
IbratJiya MughalHero Teacher Romantic NovelsLink
Khawab Ankhon Sameet Bechay HaiKashaf ChaudharyHero Teacher Romantic NovelsLink
Tum Meri Eid Ke ChandRabia IftikharHero Teacher Romantic NovelsLink
Ishq Pagal Kar Deta HaiBinish MajeedHero Teacher Romantic NovelsLink
Tum Milo To Eid HoHuma RaoHero Teacher Romantic NovelsLink
Jungle Main MangleZeela ZafarVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Mera Ishq TuSana KhaliqVery Romantic Urdu NovelsLink
Jeeton Tou Tujhe PaonSadia AbidRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Tere Qaul O Qarar Nadia AhmadLove Based NovelsLink
Zindagi Ki Bisat ParRehana AftabSocial Romantic NovelsLink
December Lout Aana TumNasir HussainLove Based NovelsLink
Tu Namaz E Ishq Ha Qurratul AinSocial Urdu NovelsLink
Alif Allah Aur InsanQaiser HayatRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
AanganKhadija MastoorRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Dil Ki Rahon MeinTabassum FayyazRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Tera Ishq Meri SultanatRamsha MehnazRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Kaisa Yeh Dard Hai IshqTuba amirRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Amawas Ka DiyaAleem Ul haqRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Kun Fa Yakoon Ambreen AhmedSocial Romantic NovelsLink
Jis Tan Lagya Ishq KamalUshna KausarRomantic Urdu NovelLink
AbdullahHashim NadeemSocial Romantic NovelLink
Ana ParastNadia AmeenRomantic Urdu NovelLink
Kisi Meharban Ne Aa KeMahwish ChaudharyRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Tehri LakeerIsmat ChughtaiRomantic Urdu NovelsLink
Thore Door Sath ChaloSaleem Qureshvery romantic urdu novelsLink
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Mn batiyaFarah Tahirlong urdu novelsLink
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tazaadFarah TahirRomantic Urdu novelsLink
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Vehmay az qalamFarah TahirRomantic Urdu novelsLink
Wafa matoob theeri az qalamFarah TahirRomantic Urdu novelsLink
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Shame InteqamZeenia Sharjeelfull romantic urdu novels

You are mineZeenia Sharjeelfull romantic urdu novels

Basilsila e Taa AzalZeenia Sharjeelfull romantic urdu novels

GunahgarZeenia Sharjeelfull romantic urdu novels

Itni Muhabbat Kro NaZeenia Sharjeelfull romantic urdu novelsLink
Itni Muhabbat Kro Naa (Season 2)Zeenia Sharjeelfull romantic urdu novels

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