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Famous Novels in Urdu – Urdu Novel list


We are going to share with you the top Best Urdu Novel. We have made this famous Urdu novels list after spending a couple of hours searching and thinking about novels. The list of the famous novels in Urdu is here in which novels to read online free.

Novels List | Famous Urdu Novels

We have tried to add all the good Urdu novels. In a list of Famous novels in Urdu you are looking any other novel, just let us know, you can send us a novel name we will upload soon, But we are going to share one of the best writers novels.. Last but not least here is the list of best Urdu writers:

Novels to reading Online Free

The famous Urdu novel is so interesting and wonderful. People love to read it. Beautiful feelings come when we read Urdu novel. difficulties of life come and go but it matters how we tackle it. Happiness comes and go and never prolongs so we should always be thankful for this life and the famous Urdu novels writers.


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What is Novel?

A novel is a moderately long work of story fiction, regularly written in exposition structure, and which is commonly distributed as a book. The present English word for a long work of composition fiction gets from the Italian novella for “new”, “news”, or “a short story of something new”, itself from the Latin novella, a particular thing utilization of the fix plural of Novellus, small of Novus, signifying “new”.Walter Scott made a differentiation between the novel.

How Many Words in a Novel?

The precise number of words that make up a novel shifts incredibly relying upon the class and person taste, in any case, a book is viewed as a novel in the event that it has in excess of 50,000 words.

How to Write a Novel?

This is the place you make your story and compose a presentation that pulls readers in. Here are strong resources for how to begin a story. If you need a few more tips.

  1. Search out sources of motivation for your novel.
  2. Make noteworthy characters to populate your reality.
  3. Make an unforgettable main character.
  4. Connect with the auditorium of the Readers brain.

Where you can read a novel online?

The Internet is a significant instrument to find ebooks we need., You can peruse books on the Internet, in your browser. The most well-known websites are listed below.

  1. Project Gutenberg
  2. Google Books
  3. Smashwords
  4. Blurb
  5. Scribd
  6. Bookish
  7. Wattpad

List of Famous Urdu Novels Writer

Best Urdu Novel List All Time

Ana Ilyas Novels List

Ana Ilyas is new famous Urdu Novels writer, She Wrote many best famous Urdu novel, Ana Ilyas novels people love to read, There is a lot of people who read ana Ilyas novels, who search the ana Ilyas novels list, so we are going to share with you ana ilyas new novels list. so you can easily download ana Ilyas novels pdf.

  1. Tery mery darmyan by Ana Ilyas 
  2. Dharkanon Ka Ameen Novel By Ana Ilyas 
  3. Rooh Ka Rishta By Ana Ilyas 
  4. Chad Meri Dastaras Main By Ana Ilyas
  5. Romantic Urdu Novel Usay Panay Ki Chah By Ana Ilyas
  6. Ishq mai Hari Urdu Novel Pdf
  7. Teri Yad Ki Aanch Complete Novel Pdf
  8. Har Martaba Tu Chaiye by Ana Ilyas
  9. Mohabbat Ki Chaon  By Ana Ilyas
  10. Teri Chahat Ka Hasar Novel By Ana Ilyas
  11. Mohabbat ke jugnoo novel pdf download
  12. Janay Na Tu Urdu Novel By Ana Ilyas


Areej Shah Novels List

Areeh shah is a new writer she wrote these Famous Urdu novels, which public love it, so I would love to share with you areej shah novels list..

  1. Rooh e Yaram Novel By Areej Shah
  2. Ek lafz Ishq novel by areej shah
  3. Mera Sitamgar Urdu Novel By Areej Shah
  4. Chahunga main tujhe hardam tu meri Zindagi by areej shah
  5. Tum zeest ka Hasil ho novel by areej shah
  6. Tum ko maana manzil aur Dil Musafir ho Gaya  by Areej Shah

Aalia Bukhari Novels List

  1. Gumshuda lamhon ka hisab novel by Alia Bukhari
  2. Dewar E Shab novel by Alia Bukhar
  3. Titli Ki Udhan By Alia Bukhari
  4. Khawab Siraaye By Alia Bukhari
  5. Shehr-e-Aashob By Alia Bukhari
  6. Freb e Nazer By Alia Bukhari
  7. Abhi Manzar Badlna He By Alia Bukhari
  8. Mohabbat Abar Ki Soorat by Alia Bukhari

Aleem ul Haq Novels List

  1. Tahreek E Mazahamat By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  2. Patal Ki Balaain By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  3. Malik Ul Maut By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  4. Amawas Ka Diya By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  5. Fee SabiLiilah By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  6. Ishq Ka Eain By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  7. Zindagi 40 Kilometer By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  8. Wakt Kay Fasley By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  9. Shanaakht By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  10. Naqabil e Shikast By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  11. Meer E Kaarwan By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  12. Lahoo Kay Tajir By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  13. Kath Putlian By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  14. Kaan Kun By Aleem Ul haq Haqi

Ashfaq Ahmad Books List

  1. Khail Tamasha By Ashfaq Ahmad
  2. Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmad
  3. Hairat Kadah By Ashfaq Ahmad
  4. Aik Muhabbat Sau Afsanay By Ashfaq Ahmad

Bano Qudsia Novels & Books List

  1. Foot Path Ki Ghaas By Bano Qudsia
  2. Piya Naam Ka Diya By Bano Qudsia
  3. Dast Basta By Bano Qudsia
  4. Aik Din By Bano Qudsia
  5. Mard-e-Abresham By Bano Qudsia
  6. Amar bail By Bano Qudsia
  7. Kuch Aur Nahi By Bano Qudsia
  8. Parwa By Bano Qudsia
  9. Rahe Rawan By Bano Qudsia
  10. Saman-e-Wajood By Bano Qudsia

Faiza Iftikhar Novels List

  1. Chalo Azmatay Hain  By Faiza Iftikhar
  2. Phulan De Rang Kale By Faiza Iftikhar
  3. Naina Thag Lain Gy  by Faiza Iftikhar
  4. Tanabain Gulab Khawaboun Ki  By Faiza Iftikhar
  5. Ankhon Se Meri Dekho By Faiza Iftikhar
  6. Rog Novel By Faiza Iftikhar
  7. Bhool Bhulaiya Teri Galiyan  By Faiza Iftikhar
  8. Dasi Dholan Yaar Di By Faiza Iftikhar
  9. Sahare Novel By Faiza Iftikhar
  10. Aik Nayee Cinderella  By Faiza Iftikhar
  11. Shayad Novel By Faiza Iftikhar
  12. Aino Ka Shehar Novel By Faiza Iftikhar


Famous Novels in Urdu By Farhat Ishtiaq

Farhat Ishtiaq Novels List

  1.  Bin Roye Ansoo By Farhat Ishtiaq
  2.  Tum Hansti Achi Lagti Ho By Farhat Ishtiaq
  3.  Mata E Jaan Hai Tu By Farhat Ishtiaq
  4.  Ulti Ho Gayin Sab Tadbeerein 
  5.  Wo Ik Aisa Shajar Ho By Farhat Ishtiaq
  6. Humsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq
  7. Mere humdam mere dost by Farhat Ishtiaq
  8. Jo Bachy Hain Sang Smait Lo by Farhat Ishtiaq
  9. Wo yaqeen ka aik naya safar by Farhat Ishtiaq
  10. Rait se but na bana by Farhat Ishtiaq
  11. Wo jo Qarz rakhtay thay jaan per by Farhat Ishtiaq
  12. Sirf Mohabbat novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  13. Yeh hansta hua mausam novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  14. Mohabbat aik sagar novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  15. Kab hath mein tera hath nahin novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  16. Khushi ko dhoondtay hoye novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  17. Aap apnay daam main novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  18. Taqreeb kuch to behr e mulaqat novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  19. Jo bache hain sang samait lo novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  20. Yeh khawab to ik sarab hai novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  21. Dil hi to hai na sang o khisht novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  22. Kuch pagal pagal se hum novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  23. Badla mere hamraz ka rang novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  24. Yeh sharakat gawara hai mujhe novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  25. Aaien e wafa novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  26. Junoon tha ke justju novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  27. Main aur chanda mama novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  28. Tere liye hai mera dil novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  29. Mausam e gul novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  30. Abhi kuch din lagain gay novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  31. Chalo toro qasam iqrar karen novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  32. Safar ki shaam novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  33. Pal bhar rasta tay karne main novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  34. Khushi ko dhondtay huey novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  35. Dil se nikle hain jo lafz novel by Farhat Ishtiaq
  36. Khushboo badal chand hawa novel by Farhat Ishtiaq


Short Stories Novel by Husan e Tehreer

Husan e Taheer Novels List

  1. Khaliq Makhlooq Aur Mohabbat By Husn e Tehreer
  2. Roop Novel By Husn e Tehreer


Imran Series best novels all time

Imran Series Novels List

  1. Dark World By Zaheer Ahmed
  2.  Sabolate Aager by Mazhar Kaleem
  3.  Kaya Palat by Mazhar Kaleem
  4.  Shalmak By Mazhar Kaleem
  5.  Bagop by Mazhar Kaleem
  6.  Death Mession By Mazhar Kaleem
  7.  Khamosh Cheikhein by Mazar Kaleem
  8.  Ganja Bhikari By Mazar Kaleem
  9.  Armous Prohit by Mazhar Kaleem
  10.  Shogi Pama by Mazhar Kaleem
  11.  Black Day by Mazhar Kaleem
  12.  Tarantola by Mazhar Kaleem
  13.  Double White by Mazhar Kaleem
  14.  Black sun by Mazhar Kaleem
  15.  Camp fight by Mazhar kaleem
  16.  Carman Mission by Mazhar Kaleem 
  17.  Casper Rays by Mazhar Kaleem 
  18.  Raigam Balaa by Ibn e safi
  19.  Dashing agent bu Mazhar kaleem 
  20.  Doctor Dread by ibn e safi
  21.  Doosra Shaula by Ibn e safi
  22.  Great Falls By Mazhar Kaleem
  23.  Hard Agency by Mazhar kaleem
  24.  Multi Target by Mazhar Kaleem
  25.  Neeli Roshni by Ibn e safi
  26.  Peacock by Mazhar Kaleem 
  27.  Red Sky by Mazhar Kaleem
  28.  Salaaska by mazhar kaleem
  29.  Tasweer ka Dushman by Ibn e safi
  30.  Zero Blaster by Mazhar Kaleem 

Top Best Jasoosi Novels Urdu BY M.A Rahat

M.A Rahat Novels List

  1. Kala Jadu Novel By M.A.Rahat
  2. Pujaari By M.A Rahat
  3. Watan Farosh
  4. Asaib By MA Rahat


Best Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Nimra Ahmed Novels List

  1. Haalim Complete Novel By Nimra Ahmed
  2. Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed
  3. Namal Urdu Novel  By Nimra Ahmed
  4. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal by Nimra Ahmed
  5. Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed
  6. Guman Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmed
  7. Had Urdu novel By Nimra Ahmed
  8. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika by Nimra Ahmed
  9. Apni Ungli Urdu novel By Nimra Ahmad
  10. Paras Urdu novel By Nimra Ahmad
  11. Iblees Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmad
  12. Mehr Un Nissa By Nimra Ahmad
  13. Mere Khawab Mere Jugnoo By Nimra Ahmad
  14. Wo Mera he by Nimra Ahmad
  15. Pahari Ka Qaidi By Nimra Ahmad


Novels classic By Nabeela Abr Raja

Nabeela Abr Raja Novels List

  1. Main Ki Kar Yaar Manawan
  2. Main Guman Nahi Yaqeen Hon 
  3. Rim Jhim k Is Raag Me


Urdu novels pdf By Nabeela Azir

Nabeela Azir Novels List

  1.  Dar e Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz 
  2. Tajdeed E Zindgi By Nabila Aziz


Most famous Novel List By Nighat Abdullah 

Nighat Abdullah Novels List

  1. Mohabbaton K Hi Darmiyan By Nighat Abdullah
  2. Mujhe Roothne Na Dena By  Nighat Abdullah


Free Online Reading of Novels List By Neelam Riyast

Neelam Riyast Novels List

  1. Dil Dard Se Khali Nahi By Neelam Riyasat
  2. Main Tera Libas Hn  By Neelam Riyasat
  3. Yak Rang Urdu Novel By Neelam Riasat

Romantic Urdu Novels Qamrosh Achok

Qamrosh Achok Novels List

  1. Dilon Ke Milan Novel By Qamrosh Ashok
  2. Yeh dil aseer e jaan by Qamrosh Ashok
  3. Talash by Qamrosh Ashok
  4. Han Mujhe Bas Tum Se Mohabbat Hai By Qamrosh Ashok
  5. Mehakti Bahrain by Qamrosh


Riaz Aqib Kohler Novels List

  1. Barda Novel by Riaz Aqib Kohler
  2. Rakhail Urdu Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  3. Sniper Urdu Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  4. Lado Rani By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  5. Wafa Ha Zaat Aurat Ki By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  6. Pasheman Urdu Novel by Riaz Aqib
  7. Janoon Ishq Urdu Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  8. Adawat Romantic Urdu Novel Aqib Kohler
  9. Intakhab by Aqib Kohler
  10. Hurf e Duaby Aqib Kohler
  11. Mohabbat Soch Kar Karna By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  12. Ghalat Fehmi  Urdu Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  13. Faisla Urdu novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  14. Ana Ka Qaidi By Riaz Aqib Kohler


Free Online Reading of Novels of Saima Akram Choudhary


Saima Akram Choudhary Urdu Novel List

  1. Shaharzaad Complete Novel By Saima Akram Chaudhary
  2. Band Muthi Main Sulagti Rait by Saima Akram Chaudhry
  3. Janjua house Urdu novel  by Saima Akram
  4. Chalo Ham Sath Chalte Hain By Saima Akram Choudhary
  5. Ibne Adam  By Saima Akram Chaudhary
  6. Deemak Zada Mohabbat By Saima Akram  Chaudhary
  7. Pehli Barish By Saima Akram Chaudhary
  8. Kala Sha Kala By Saima Akram Choudhary
  9. Gumshuda Jannat By Saima Akram Choudhary
  10. Bint E Hawa By Saima Akram Choudhary
  11. Bechari By Saima Akram Choudhary
  12. Ik Rasm e Mohabt hai By Saima Akram Chaudhary
  13. Bol K Lab Azaad Hain Tere By Saima Akram Chaudhary

Romantic Rude Hero Urdu Novel By Sumaira Hameed

Sumaira Hameed Urdu Novel List

  1. Yaaram Urdu Novel by Sumaira Hameed
  2. Tulip Urdu novel  By Sumaira Hameed
  3. Mohabbat Man Mehram by Sumaira Hameed
  4. Borshay Urdu Novel By Sumaira Hameed
  5. Deenar Urdu novel  By Sumaira Hameed
  6. Jog Aas Urdu Novel  By Sumaira Hameed
  7. Preem Reet By Sumaira Hameed
  8. Mohar Sabat By Sumaira Hameed
  9. Aatish E Zar By Sumaira Hameed
  10. Had E Nazar By Sumaira Hameed

Sumaira Sharif Toor Novel List

  1. Toota Huwa Tara by Samira Sharif 
  2. Mohabbat Yaqeen Aitmad By Sumaira Sharif Toor
  3. Umeed E Subahe Bahar By Sumaira Sharif Toor
  4. Dhal Gai Phir Hijar Ki Raat By Sumaira Sharif Toor
  5. Ye Chahatein Ye Shiddatein By Sumaira Sharif Toor

Subas Gul Romantic Novel List

  1. Mohabbat tera mera masla hai by Subas Gul 
  2. Tum sang naina laagy by Subas Gul
  3. Ek Tere Aane Se by Subas Gul 
  4. Dasht e Guman Mein by Subas Gul
  5. Main mohabbat aur tum novel by Subas Gul
  6. Tum Aisi Shararat Mat Karna by Subas Gul
  7. Amal Urdu Novel  by Subas Gul
  8. Yeh jo Ishq Hai Novel by Subas
  9. Tum Se Naraz Nahi by Subas Gul
  10. Chalo Chahat Nibhaen Hum by Subas Gul 
  11. tasveer  Urdu Novel by subas gul
  12. Pukar Laina Urdu Novel  by Subas Gul
  13. Mama Urdu Novel By Subas Gul 
  14. Tumhary Bin Adhooray Hain By Subas Gul
  15. Meharman Dilan Dia Novel By Subas Gul 

Umera Ahmed Novels List

Umera Ahmed Who is one of the best Urdu famous Novel writers. Umaira Ahmed composed numerous famous novels. Alif Novel is finished in the month of august now Alif Drama serial launched by Hum tv,  Umera Ahmed novels contact the core of perusers so she is the best novel writer.  Free internet perusing of novels Umera Ahmed Novels brings a great deal of learning. I am offering to you the absolute best novels writer Umera Ahmed novels.


  1.  Aab e Hayat CompleteUrdu  Novel
  2.  Peer e Kamil Complete Urdu  Novel
  3. Amar Bail Complete Urdu  Novel
  4.  Aao Hum Pehla Qadam Dhrten Hen 
  5. Husna Aur Husan Ara By Umera Ahmed 
  6. Soda Urdu Novel by umera Ahmed
  7. Aks Urdu Novel  By Umera Ahmed
  8. Darbar e dil novel by Umera Ahmed
  9. Wohi dil ke thehar jane ka mausam by Umera Ahmed
  10. Hasil novel by Umera Ahmed
  11. La Hasil novel by Umera Ahmed
  12. Bas ik dagh e nadamat novel by Umera Ahmed
  13. Harf se lafz tak novel by Umera Ahmed
  14. Shehar e zaat  urdu novel by Umera Ahmed
  15. Abi To Maat Baqi Hai By Umera Ahmed
  16. Man o salwa novel by Umera Ahmed
  17. Iman umeed aur mohabbat novel by Umera Ahmed
  18. Band kawaron ke aagay novel by Umera Ahmed
  19. Doraha novel by Umera Ahmed
  20. Koi baat hai teri bat main by Umera Ahmed
  21. Wapsi Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed
  22. Teri yaad khar e gulab hai novel by Umera Ahmed
  23. Koi lamha khawab nahin hota by Umera Ahmed
  24. Mere 50 Pasandeda scene by Umera Ahmed
  25. Thora sa aasman novel by Umera Ahmed
  26. Main ne khawabon ka shajar deakha hai novel by Umaira Ahmed
  27. Yeh jo ik subha ka sitara hai novel by Umera Ahmed
  28. Zindagi gulzar hai novel by Umera Ahmed
  29. Meri zaat zarra e benishan novel by Umera Ahmed
  30. Koi Baat hai Teri baat main Urdu  novel by Umera Ahmed
  31. Maat Hone tak Novel by Umera Ahmed 
  32. Muthi Bhar Mitti Novel by Umera Ahmed 
  33. Qaid e Tanhai Novel By Umaira Ahmad
  34. Kankar Urud Novel by Umera Ahmed
  35. Seher Ek Isti’ara Hay Pdf Novel by Umera Ahmed
  36. Aisa Kabhi Nahi Hota by Umera Ahmed
  37. Hum Kahan Ke Sache Thay by Umera Ahmed
  38. Doosra Dozakh novel by Umaira Ahmad
  39. Urhan Urdu Novel by Umaira Ahmad

Umme Maryam Novels List

  1. Dard Gar Novel By Umme Maryam
  2. Mere Gumshuda Novel By Umme Maryam 
  3. Tum Akhri Jazeera Ho  By Umme Maryam
  4. Agar Hum Motabar Thehray By Umme Maryam
  5. Shehar e Dil Novel By Umme Maryam
  6. Dil e Nadan Novel By Umme Maryam
  7. Kuch Ishq Tha Kuch Majboori By Umme Maryam
  8. Mujhe Hai Hukam e Azan By Umme Maryam
  9. Zindagi Khak Na Thi Novel By Umme Maryam
  10. Subha Ka Noor Hamara Hai By Umme Maryam


Waheed SUltan Novels List

  1. Hakoomat Urdu Novel By Waheed Sultan
  2. Yaqeen Kamil Novel bY Waheed Sultan
  3. Jaan Nisar Urdu Novel By Waheed Sultan


Best Novels all time to read online free
  1. ⇒ Ana Parast  Urdu Novel By Nadia Ameen
  2. ⇒ Abdullah novel By Hashim Nadeem
  3. ⇒ Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal Urdu Novel
  4. ⇒ Kun Fa Yakoon By Ambreen Ahmed
  5. ⇒ Amawas Ka Diya By Aleem Ul haq Haqi
  6. ⇒ Kaisa Yeh Dard Hai Ishq Ishq by Tuba amir
  7. ⇒ Tera Ishq Meri Sultanat By Ramsha Mehnaz
  8. ⇒ Dil Ki Rahon Mein By Tabassum Fayyaz
  9. ⇒ Aangan Novel By Khadija Mastoor
  10. ⇒ Alif Allah Aur Insan By Qaiser Hayat
  11. ⇒ Tu Namaz E Ishq Ha By Qurratul Ain Hashmi
  12. December Lout Aana Tum by Nasir Hussain
  13. ⇒ Zindagi Ki Bisat Par By Rehana Aftab
  14. ⇒ Tere Qaul O Qarar Se Pehle By Nadia Ahmad
  15. ⇒ Jeeton Tou Tujhe Paon Novel By Sadia Abid
  16. ⇒ Kisi Meharban Ne Aa Ke By Mahwish Chaudhary
  17. ⇒ Tehri  Lakeer By Ismat Chughtai
  18. ⇒ December Lout Aana Tum by Nasir-Hussain
  19. ⇒ Thore Door Sath Chalo by Saleem Quresh
  20. ⇒ Muhabat maat Deti he by Saba Gull
  21. ⇒ Ek Larki Choti si by Amna Iqbal Ahmed
  22. ⇒ Haan Tum Mujhe Qabool Ho By Shazia Chaudhry
  23. ⇒ Ek Wada Nibhana Ha By Saadullah Shah
  24. ⇒ Fasadi Urdu novel By Kanwal Naveed
  25. ⇒ Khak Aur Khoon By Naseem Hijazi
  26. ⇒ Yak Rang By Neelam Riasat
  27. ⇒ Nick Velvet Ki Chooriyan Urdu Novel
  28. ⇒ Sab Khasara Hai By Seema Munaf
  29. ⇒ Bulawa Novel By Khurshed Peerzada
  30. ⇒ Mahi Way by Mehwish Chaudhary
  31. Yeh ishq fana kar de by Huzaifa Haroon
  32. ⇒ Ishaq E Mamnoo By M Shoaib
  33. ⇒ Mohabbat By Shahina Chanda Mehtab
  34. ⇒ Qafas By Anwar Ahsan Siddiqui
  35. ⇒ Patian Likhan Sham Nu by Ushna kausar Sardar
  36. ⇒ Dard ki zanjeeren novel by Tayyba Chaudhary 
  37. ⇒ Wafa Ha Zaat Aurat Ki By Riaz Aqib Kohler
  38. ⇒ Koi Chand Rakh Meri Sham Par by Nayab Jilani 
  39. ⇒ Khali Ghar Urdu Novel By Anwaar Alaigi
  40. ⇒ Kagaar By Ibne Lati Urdu Novel
  41. ⇒ Seep Sadaf Aur Sahil By Rukh Chaudhary
  42. Faiz-e-Ishq By Amjad Javed
  43. ⇒ Dard Gar By Umme Maryam
  44. ⇒ Molvi Aur Tawaif By Qazi Haris
  45. Ek Wada Nibhana Ha By Saadullah Shah
  46. ⇒ Kesi laagi yaari Urdu novel by Saira Arif
  47. ⇒ Chand Gagan Aur Chandni By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed
  48. ⇒ Nazak hai rishta dil ka by Asia Saleem Qureshi
  49. ⇒ Hoon Dard E Ishq Se Jan Balab by Nazia Farhat Maya
  50. ⇒ Visal e mohabbat by Rabbia Kanwal
  51. ⇒ Sab Khasara Hai By Seema Munaf
  52. ⇒ Ab To Ho Gaya Her Din Eid by Shazia Mustafa
  53. ⇒ Ghazi by Abu Shuja Abu Waqar
  54. ⇒ Zindagi Khak Na Thi by Qurat Ul Ain Khurram Hashmi
  55. ⇒ Wo ik malika e mohabbat By Sabahat Rafique
  56. Namwar Jasoos Auratain Urdu Novel
  57. Naina Thag Lain Gy by Faiza Iftikhar
  58. ⇒ Pasheman Urdu Novel by Riaz Aqib
  59. ⇒ Tere Qaul O Qarar Se Pehle By Nadia Ahmad
  60. ⇒ Ishq Ki Umar Raigan By Sadia Aziz Afridi
  61. ⇒ Adhuri Mohabbat  By Arzonish Ahad 
  62. ⇒ Tawan e Ishq By Muhammad Fayyaz Mahi
  63. ⇒ Aap Se Kia Parda By ibn e insha
  64. ⇒ Wafa Guzidah By Razzaq Shahid Kohler
  65. Bulawa  Urdu Novel By Khurshid Peerzada
  66. Pul Sirat Mohabbat By Bushra Masroor
  67. Hussan e Nikah Urdu Novel  By Haadi Khan
  68. Danish e Arab o Ajam by Dr. Ghulam Jilani Barq 
  69. Mera Shoq Mera Intezar Dekh By Aneeza Syed
  70. Hussan e Nikah By Haadi Khan


Best Novels all time in English

Rude Hero Based Romantic Novels in Urdu 

Romantic Urdu Novels