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Short Stories for kids | Moral Stories for kids reading online

Short Stories for kids | Moral Stories for kids


We are going to share with you the top ten short stories for kids. all these stories contain a lesson for kids. A moral story for kids very helpful and learn. top best short story for kids read online. all these stories contain a lesson for kids. moral stories for kids very helpful for learning more by reading short stories.

If you want more stories for kids, let us know, our writer will write more moral story for kids.

Short stories for kids

  1.  The Honest Fisherman
  2. Brave Girl Story for kids bedtime
  3. Princess Rose and Golden Bird
  4. A lie is not fruitful  Moral Story for kid
  5. Never get fooled by own pride
  6. Bad Habits Moral kids story
  7. Golden Egg story for children
  8. lazy son Short story for kids
  9. House and the three brothers
  10. The ugly tree bedtime short story
  11. The wolf and the lamb 

1.The Honest Fisherman

the-honest-fisherman-story-for-kids-minIt was once mentioned that a fisherman in his small cottage on the bank of the river lived with his only son Sameer. Sameer was fond of catching fish, because of this every time he goes fishing with his father and sees how the father works.

Once when the fisherman was putting a net in the boat, Samir came and said, “Baba, should I go too?”

The fisherman said, ” No, son, the weather is bad today, you stay in the hut”. When Sameer heard this, his mouth dropped. The fisherman did not want his only son to be displeased. He said, “Well you come too, but you will not help me to bring out the net from the river because you are sick”.

Sameer quickly shook his head in a hurry and climbed aboard.

When the boat reached the exact middle of the river, So then the fisherman cast a net into the river with a great technique.

And then a passenger boat passed by in which there were many people who came from the tour along the other side of the river. There were many children aboard on the boat.

Sameer noticed that a boy was rotating his mother’s little purse in his finger and before the mother forbids the boy, the purse fell into the water from the boy and immediately sank into the river because of its weight.

Seeing this, the mother’s heart started to sit, she told the man who was running the boat to stop the boat.

“There is no point in stopping the boat”, the boatman said because by now the purse must have been in the basement and the river is very deep. The mother said her purse contained her ID card, mobile, and some essential cards like credit cards but the boat operator remained on his decision and the boat was carried away, passing by the small boat of the fisherman.

The mother kept on to obtest.

After a while, the fisherman pulled the net and many fish were caught in it. He brought the fish along with the net to the river and poured all the fish in clean clothes on the ground.

When the fishes were taken out, Sameer noticed a small clutch he picked it up unconsciously and showed it to his father.

Sameer asked, “What is this, Baba?”

When the fisherman turned the purse over and opened the zipper, there were ID cards, some other cards and mobile inside. When he opened the second zip, it had a lot of money. Sameer’s heart tantalizes seeing the money.

He said, “Baba, this is that woman’s purse. Let’s keep this money.” because the woman in the boat said she had her cards and mobile in her purse. The fisherman smiled at son’s words and said to him that she believed her essential things were more important because money will keep coming, this is the test of faith and honesty for us.

Sameer did not understand the father’s words, he asked, I did not understand anything?

The father said that ALLAH wants to see how honest I am, So he stuck this purse in my net and now we will return the purse to that woman.

But Baba with this money we can buy good clothes, Sameer did not want to return the purse to that woman.

On this point, the fisherman said, “Son good clothes should be made with halal money, not with theft money.”

Sameer gets embarrassed and his head bowed.

An hour later, the fisherman took the boat and came across the other end of the river, where the woman and her boy were sitting together.

The fishermen walked up to them and handed over the purse as well as recounted the whole story.

The woman was pleased to hear this and was also impressed by the fisherman’s honesty.

she took some money from the purse and gave it to the fisherman. The fisherman returned home in the boat taking money.

Conclusion: The honesty test can be taken anytime.



2.Brave girl | story for kids with moral

brave-girl-stories-for-kidsAyesha was a young girl her mother worked in a bank and her father was a doctor her parents loved her very much.

Ayesha always got whatever she asked for whenever her parents went to the market they got beautiful gifts for her.

she was quite a pampered child. Ayesha was a bright student. she was good in her studies. she did her work neatly and was always polite and helpful to everybody

but her teachers did feel that Ayesha always managed to get whatever she liked.

if she happened to like somebody’s pencil she was quick to give one of her own things to get the pencil.

but one day. so materialize her mistake. she learned to be happy with whatever she had it so happened that one morning.

all the children were gathered around Tina everybody was admiring her new pen Summa Theologica.

load her name with it the pen was excellent as the children were admiring.

the pen the bell rang and everybody rushed downstairs for the assembly while the children were making their line for the assembly that teacher called Ayesha and asked her to bring some chalk from the classroom.

when Ayesha entered the class. she could not stop herself from peeping into Tina’s bag she took out the pen to see it once more.

she wanted that pen badly just then. she heard footsteps in a hurry. she quickly put the pen in her pocket turning around.

she saw Hina entering the class she had come back. because she was not feeling well.

Ayesha ran out with the top pieces in her hand and the pen in her pocket.

after the assembly when everybody settles down tina started searching for her pen. she told the class teacher that her pen was missing.

miss Allie wanted to know who was in the class during the assembly. Hina was called miss Allie searched her bag. but could not find the pen.

she scolded Hina for stealing, Oh poor Hina, she started crying,

Ayesha was too afraid to get up and give the pen to Tina.

miss Allie gives hina a day’s time, to tell the truth, now Ayesha was a very sensitive child.

she spent the night tossing and turning in bed. she could not sleep. the pen was still hidden under her pillow. she looked at it again for the hundredth time.

the pen no longer looked beautiful to her. she could not forget Hine’s face when miss Allie had accused her. she felt bad Hina had been scolded for no fault of hers.

she decided that she would keep the pen back in Tina’s back.

the next morning the next day when Ayesha reached school. she saw hina sitting alone in the class.

she was very sad,
don’t worry maybe somebody will keep the pen back today.

she tried to comfort Hina. but everybody will think that I have kept it back Hina replied sadly.

the bell rang and the school started when miss Allie entered the class she called the Hina before Hina could get up, Ayesha got up.

miss the pen is with me. I was looking at it yesterday. when suddenly Hina entered in the class and without thinking. I put it in my pocket I was afraid to tell you when you were scolding hina. I am very sorry.

I will never do it again. everybody was surprised to miss Allie was the first one to speak.

you are a brave and honest girl you have told. the truth in front of the class.

we all make mistakes. but we are always afraid to admit them say sorry to Hina, it was because of you that she was scolded. and make a promise that you will never do something like this again saying this.

she asked the class to take out their books. everybody was happy once again

Ayesha had learned her lesson…

3.the princess rose and the golden bird | Scary stories For Kids

princess-rose-short-story-for-kids-min-minonce upon a time in a kingdom far far away. there lived a beautiful princess her beauty was unique because she had long red hair and she loved roses so much.

that everyone called her Princess rose

everyone in the kingdom loved her. some kids came to her with a bunch of roses

one has a red color rose bunch and one has white and one has yellow.

the princess rose whose Rose do you love the most.

I love every rose in the world my dears..

she hugs them all together tickling them all kids break into laughter.

every evening after dusk princess Rose went out on the balcony and clapped her hands.

oh, a dear bird a golden bird came flying out of nowhere and alighted on her shoulder instantly the princess’s hair began to shine ablaze with a brilliant red light.

oh, you cute naughty little bird. you like to play with my hair.

soon the bird would start to warble an enchanting tune Princess Rose joined it in a song and everyone in the kingdom fell asleep and had sweet dreams till the break of dawn…

what a sweet voice good night my dears sweet dreams..

thus past the years every evening. Princess Rose along with the little golden bird sang a loving lullaby so that all the people fell asleep and had sweet dreams till the break of dawn until…

what day something terrible happened a wicked witch learned about princess rose princess sings again and witch shuts her ears the evil witch decided to curse her..

princess roses hair instantly turned as black..

oh, what happened to my hair, but I have to sing to my people put them to sleep with sweet dreams but that evening to princess Rose went out on her balcony and clapped her hands but when the golden bird appeared her hair glowed black instead of red no the bird warbled its enchanting melody..

Princess Rose sang her lullaby everyone in the kingdom fell asleep but that night they only had bad dreams and nightmares..

Oh God, it was so scary oh my so much…

darkness and I saw snakes everywhere…

I thought I was drowning in the ocean…

I am scared to sleep now…

on the following day, the saddened princess called the bird and told her concern to her and asked for a solution tell me a golden bird…

how can I make my people’s dreams so sweet again till the break of dawn black haired rose water will that help…

I wonder the princess wondered at this council, but abided by it nevertheless, she filled up a basin with water and sprinkled rose petals on its surface then she dipped
her hair into the rose water and it instantly turned red again…

oh my, they’re red again Thank You birdie…

thank you for that evening when the bird, perched on her shoulder the radiant red glow of her hair lit up the night sky

once more the princess sang her lullaby and everyone in the kingdom fell asleep and had sweet dreams till the break of dawn the Wicked..

The witch was so very angry that her curse had been broken that she decided to cast it again now..

I will show her my power may the roses and the princess’s hair turned black his tar again oh not again what is happening to me

only this time the witch also picked up all the Rose blooms in the entire kingdom she sees the princess saw and gets very happy once again the saddened…

princess asked the bird to tell me golden, bird how can I make my people’s dreams. so sweet again till the break of dawn and the bird gave the same reply like last time
but there is not single rose left in the entire kingdom the bird chirped and flew away oh please don’t go give me a different solution, please..

the princess didn’t know what to do so great was her anguish that her eyes filled with tears…

one of them falling to the ground below at that very moment a young and handsome. the prince who had stopped under the balcony of the princess took out a little box
and a single red hair from within it he bent down and placed the hair atop..

the princess’s tear and then a miracle happened suddenly the red hair turned into a red rose ah that should do it. the prince picked the rose and took it up to…

the princess for you beautiful princess a rose how did you find it I made it with your teardrop and a red hair excited..

she took the rose and immediately brushed off her tears and plucked its petals to add to the water in the basin then she dipped in her hair and the curse was broken
everyone gasped in astonishment oh what magic young man where did you find that red hair, dear King…

when the princess and I were both children I picked a single strand of hair from her head as a sign of my loyalty to her and she did the same to me pulling out a
strand of my own hair it’s the true father…

the princess confirmed and took out a little box she opened it to reveal a single hair from the princes head inside everyone was delighted with this news the prince
and princess Rose got married on that very same day upon learning that her curse had been broken again the wicked witch’s evilness swelled so much that she exploded
into a thousand tiny pieces..

eventually Rose blooms sprang up in every garden in the kingdom once again and so it went each evening princess Rose sang her loving lullaby so that all the people
fell asleep and had sweet dreams till the break of dawn…


4. A lie is not fruitful  | Bedtime short storiesa-lie-is-not-fruite-ful-stories-for-kids-min

join kids had family tofu were you eating those cookies that mom had asked you to have only after dinner no idea

I wasn’t I just came in the kitchen to drink water tofu do you know something a lie is not fruitful.

how dear comes I have a moral to teach you today …
the boy who cried wolf once upon a time the lift a shepherd boy who took care of the sheep in the village he was very dedicated to his work every the day he used to tape the herd of sheep to the top of the hill and drink them down by evening

but one day he felt really bored I am feeling so bored all the villagers work together but sure I am all alone taking care of the sheep and no one else to talk to what should I do

suddenly he had an idea of the wicked one he went over the edge of the hill and started shouting there is a wuss he’s gonna eat all our sheep cheering the boy cry out for help all the villagers came to the top of the hill to save the Sheep

but reaching there all they could see were calm sheep praising the Crossland you silly boy where is the wolf why did you cry out for help the villagers were very angry and left the place cursing the shepherd boy this is so much fun.

next day the shepherd boy was back again to the routine of taking the Sheep for crazy and yet again he found himself completely bored let’s try the drank again the boy again went to the hilltop and started shouting

once again the villagers after hearing the boy cried out for help ran to save the sheep but once again came back after being fooled by the boy this is not right you would have to pay for this one with no regrets on his face the shepherd boy went back to his sheep.

one day when he was lying under the tree while his sheep were grazing he saw some sheep running here and thereafter looking closely he saw a wolf approaching the hurdle boy suddenly ran to the edge of the hill and started screaming for help this time the villagers didn’t pay any heed to the boy screaming we let’s leave this time – he might be bringing a prank on us the boy kept on crying for help

but no one turned up this time all he could do was stand there and watch his sheep getting killed by the wolf with the villagers’ nobody believed he when the was actually turned up what should I do now, have lost all my sheep the shepherd boy was never trusted ever by anyone.

I am sorry dear I did lie about those cookies. and now I learned a lesson liars are not believed even when they speak the truth I won’t ever lie again good tofu you are a good boy.

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5. Never get fooled by own pride| Bedtime stories to readNever-get-fooled-by-own-pride-stories-for-kids-min

it’s not good to be so proud of who you are and your achievements one
should always remain humble or else one has to suffer.

how come I’ll tell you a story the whole tree and the reeds an oak tree stood tall and strong near the bank of the
river and close to some dreams it was a huge tree with a huge trunk.

hundreds of big strong branches the oak tree was so proud that he used to boast openly about his strength.

I am so strong and mighty nothing can uproot me nothing can destroy me hahaha hahaha the thing –

what the oak tree was saying the reeds couldn’t resist but say how my deal tree don’t be so proud of your strength
nothing in this world is immortal being modest is the key hahaha you live a feeble

Greeks what do you know about strengthen being the strongest tree in the jungle making fun of those reeds the oak tree stood there with pride.

when suddenly the wind started to blow the beads bowed their heads as the wind started getting stronger watching this
the oak tree said you are so petite and weep the slightest of wings make you bow your heads how would you survive the strongest of storms haha soon the winds turned into a hurricane and the butchy.

standing straight with pride continued to laugh at the Rings Oh tree you might be big and strong but you need not worry about us we will bow our heads in this powerful hurricane and survive it

if you were continued standing straight you will not be able to survive in these strong winds and break in no time no nothing canna pretreat
I am the strongest and will continue to stand tall and never bow down no matter what the winds got more furious and soon the hurricane took its peak the little reeds kept their heads low and started swinging in the rhythm of the wind thus preventing themselves from getting uprooted but the oak tree which stood

straight and tried fighting the hurricane winds broke down and fell in the river, ah no this is not possible.

see we told you you just learned a lesson better to yield when it is foolish to resist than to resist stubbornly and be destroyed and the oak tree went drifting in the water crying over his own faults dried Tia.

I think I know what you want to explain to me I will not get fooled by my own pride.

6. Bad Habits  | Read online Short story for kids

Bad-Habits-moral-short-stories-for-kids-minonce upon a time a rich businessman lived with his eight-year-old boy the businessman loved his son but hated that he had some bad habits worried about his son’s behavior.

the man went to a wise master my son is a very good boy but he has picked some unhealthy habits which I
cannot get him to let go I worry about him all the time please help me.

bring him to me tomorrow morning the next morning the man did as the master had said he brought his boy to him come son

let’s go for a walk the boy obeyed and they went for a walk in the garden as they walked became upon a little sapling
son pull out the sapling for me.

the boy did that easily and presented the master with the sapling very well

now you see that small plant pulled about Sumi the boy did as asked and easily pulls the plant out next the master asked him to pull out a bush it took some effort but the boy did that too.

now see that small tree son pull that out for me the boy went to the small tree and though it took him a lot of effort and struggle he pulled it out for the master

very well done finally look at that big tree over there pulled that out too for me

the boy tried and tried but the tree did not budge finally tired the boy gave up

I am sorry wise master I cannot pull that tree out it is old and strong bad habits are just like the plants and trees when they are new like the sapling you can get rid of them quickly and easily but if you let them stay and grow because strong and become like the old tree that cannot be removed.

forgive me, master, I now understand what my father has been trying to tell me I will drop all my bad habits from now on.

Do you like the short stories for kids, if you do then let us now we will upload more..

7. Golden Egg  | Short Story for kids in English

Golden-Egg-short-stories-for-kidsonce upon a time there lived a farmer who is very poor he was very much dedicated to his work his earnings fulfilled all his needs one fine evening after returning from the work he was very much hungry Oh what shall I cook tonight

just then the harder’ hen clucking outside his Hut well that hen will make a real good feast for me with a little effort the farmer caught the hen

as he was above Gilda hen the hen squeaked farmer please don’t kill me

I Ivan help you what is this a hen that can speak okay I will not kill you then but how can you help me please let me know if you leave me without killing

Ivan lay a golden egg every day for you what a golden egg but – every day but why should I be believing you now you might be lying to me right, please.

believe me, if I do not lay a golden egg tomorrow you. you can’t kill me fine I will wait

till tomorrow then oh the farmer put aside the hen without killing it

the next morning as soon as the farmer woke up he went near the chicken to find whether it has led any golden egg rule it is true huh

it’s an egg of solid gold he happily took the golden egg and went to the town to sell it he stood in the middle of the street and Scharping golden eggs are for sale golden egg is for sale here now

what is it really a golden egg yes it’s an egg of solid gold soon the crowd gathered around him and were amazed to see the golden egg I want the dirt

no, it’s mine I want to buy it sell it to me

it’s all yours then don’t worry I’ll bring another one tomorrow now there are enough for everybody the farmer sold the golden egg for a good price the next day

when he woke up he went straight to look out whether there is another golden egg good very good another golden egg I will sell it right away

oh and once again he went to town and sold the egg golden egg for sale.

tell me how much do you want after that day the hen gave him a golden egg every day as the farmer grew richer because of the golden eggs

he became greedy too I want to have more and more money I’m tired of waiting every day just for one golden egg which is being laid ha then he thought and thought

I am going to kill the hem and I will find the gold mine she has inside and I will have all her treasures at once so
the farmer decided to cut her open and he found nothing inside the hen Hey

this can’t be where’s the gold mine where our treasures no I don’t have the hen and the golden eggs as well what

will I do now so cakes the model behind the story is don’t be impatient and don’t be greedy is that scientists did
you hear that Shh it’s a beer my father was right it’s getting done?

8. lazy son | Short stories for kids

lazy-son-short-story-for-kids-mina rich moneylender used to live in a town with his wife and son his son so the myth was very lazy
and on the other hand, the moneylender was very hard-working.

he get up early morning before sunrise and after that, he used to take a round of his farms stable and where all his business was spread.

the moneylender was very upset with his son’s lazy attitude son to wake up let’s convert me to the forms and help me in work oh not now dad let me sleep for a while moneylender got very upset and went to the farms alone after some days.

he got very sick and he died soon even after the death of his father summit did not take any interest in his father’s business.

due to that, they were having massive loss in the business seeing this from its mother said to him son we are facing a great loss in the business so what can I do in this I don’t have any knowledge of the business

even I have never gone to the farms with dead do one thing your grandfather lives in the next village he has a great knowledge of this business you go and meet him he must be having a solution for this problem

alright mom I will go tomorrow only next morning summit vent to his grandfather greetings grandpa god bless you son tell me how are you after dad’s death we are facing a great loss and business.

mom told me that I should come to you for your expertise now only you can help us end this.

your mom is absolutely right I have a solution for your problem tell me grandpa tell me quickly you just have to do one thing like your father you have getup early every morning before sunrise and after that, you have to look after all your business and you have to do.

this every day all right I will do the same what you told me from the next morning. so much started waking up before sunrise. he gets up early morning and after that, he goes to look after all his business every morning he goes to farms then raisin shop after that to his stable it went on for a few days.

seeing him coming to work every day the labors were discussing with each other did you see the boss is coming every day to work now yes it seems that we have to stop all the scams now Hey you are right.

otherwise, we will be trapped gradually all the labor saw that summit was taking rounds of the shop and the farms and in the fear to be trapped they stopped all the scams after the closure of the scam the loss in the business also decreased and sumit and his mom gradually became rich again oh wow look mom due to grandpa’s advice.

we again became rich you are a right son you should go to your grandpa and thank him so much did what his mother told and he went to his grandfather’s grandpa thank you so much.

you have done a miracle just because of you our business has flourished again my son I have not done anything you only have done all the hard work.

what meat but how this all was happening due to your laziness just because of your lazy attitude you were not focusing on your business and the Labor’s were taking advantage of that and do all the scams.

but now you are going to work every day so they stopped all the scams in fear to be caught and your business has flourished again by listening to his grandfather he realized his mistake he left his laziness and started working very hard on his business.

the moral of the story is this that laziness a bad thing so we must complete our work on time by sacrificing our laziness. I hope you like it a short story for kids.

9.House and the three brothers | bedtime stories to read online

House-and-the-thre-brothers-story-for-kids-minI am going to tell you another new kid story and today’s story is titled the house and the three brothers a long time ago in a city called Bilaspur.
There lived three brothers Ronnie, Bonnie and Toni all the three brothers didn’t like each other much they didn’t like working together at all.

when they were very young their father passed away their mother used to do farming to run the house and the sons helped their mother too.

one day their mother fell ill mother called all her sons and said to them children I won’t survive for too long now all three of you are very dear to me before dying.

I just want to see you all settled I want instead of living in a hut you all have a big house of your own where all your brothers live together in unity.

will you fulfill this wish of mine? hearing their mother’s wish they go in deep thought because they didn’t like each other they were in a terrible dilemma answer my question my children.

keeping his mother’s current condition in mind Ronnie says ok mother we will do exactly as you have said but first get well soon with this response bye Ronnie

mother was very satisfied but Bonnie and Toni were not very keen about it outside their house they tell Ronnie why did you say that to her mother that all of us

will live together exactly why to unnecessarily give her false hopes instead usual stayed silent like us what are you guys saying stop stressing over it let our mother recover first then we will discuss it some other time.

even I don’t wish to wrack my brains with you. yeah yeah, whatever just don’t be under any misconception.
I can’t even think about spending the rest of my life with you do me neither all three brothers pray for their mother to get well but soon.

she dies her death got them thinking again about what to do now rani remembers his promise to his mother and goes to his brothers and says

brothers I was thinking why don’t we three work together just like our mother wanted don’t even think about it I don’t want to work with either of you mother.

only wanted us to be worthy and be able to get a big house for ourselves but her last wish was that we all live under one roof with love and unity the least we can do is try you better forget it this is not going to happen .

yes, also I don’t need anyone’s help to build my house the next day the brothers divide all their savings equally and part their ways now all three brothers had a challenge ahead of them to spend their savings wisely and build the house for themselves.

my house out of bamboo and straw it will be very economical for me this way.

I will be able to build my house faster and with the remaining amount. I will be able to buy all the items of household necessities.

Bonnie decides to build his house out of bamboo and straw, on the other hand, Tony is also planning to build a house. I will build my house out of woods house made of wooden will stay cool and I will be able to sleep peacefully also with the remaining amount.

I will buy some really comfortable mattresses for myself with this thought he went to a woodcutter and bought woods to build his house the third brother Rani was thinking about building a strong house.

he invested all his savings into buying Redstone and rice flour then he is left with no money to buy other necessities but the doesn’t give up and works on a farm and saves money and after a while, Rani successfully gathered all the required material to build his house he starts building his house.

during this time Bonnie and Tony had already built their houses after some time Ronnie’s house was ready to he was very happy all three brothers were peacefully living in their houses one day a terrible thunderstorm hit their village which demolished Bonnie in.

Tony’s respective houses went running to Ronnies house and saw that his house was perfectly intact so how long are you guys going to stand outside in the rain and stare come on in Bonnie and Tony go inside the house and they felt very ashamed of their behavior.

please forgive us, brother. we built our houses but for God that it is very important to have a strong foundation. we will never forget this act of kindness of yours no please don’t be silly in the time of need one should only count on family and you are my brothers and her mother also wanted us to stand by each other in the hour of need from that day on all three brothers.

started living happily and working together too so kids from this story we learn a lesson that every work done in a hurry yields bad results if you enjoyed Story for kids share with friends..

10. The ugly tree | Short Stories for kids

the-ugly-tree-story-for-kids-minthe ugly tree in a forest there was a crooked tree amidst the tall and the straight trees the crooked tree often side for his ugly look he envies.

we looked at the other tall and slender trees and felt sad for his unpleasant look it.

a woodcutter came to the forest to cut the woodcutters cut down few long straight trees then he came across the twisted tree the woodcutter looked at the crooked branches and said

this tree is of no use it’s better not to cut this the woodcutter went ahead sparing the crooked tree the tree and his crookedness never ever he sighed for his ugly look in the future.

everything has its own advantage and disadvantage accept it happy you, I hope you liked this short story for kids.


11.The wolf and the lamb | story for kids

The-wolf-and-the-lamb-story-for-kids-minA lamb was grazing with a flock of sheep one day. she soon found some sweet grass at the edge of the field further and further

she went away from the others she was enjoying herself so much that she did not notice a wolf coming nearer to her.
however, when it pounced on her she was quick to start bleeding.

please please don’t eat me yet my stomach is full of grass if you wait awhile. I’ll taste much better.

the wolf thought that was a good idea. so he sat down and waited after a while the lamb said if you allow me to dance. they gross in my stomach but be digested faster again.

the Wolf agreed while the lamb was dancing. she had a new idea. she said please take the Bell from around my neck. if you ring it as hard as you can I will be able to dance is it faster the wolf took the Bell and rang it as hard/

as he could the Shepherd heard the bell ringing and quickly ran to find the missing lamb Shepherd’s side frightened the wolf away and saved the lamps’ life…

the gentle and weak can sometimes be cleverer than fierce and strong.


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