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One was a Princess story for kids

One was a Princess Story for kids bedtime


we are going to share with you One was a Princess story for kids bedtime. this is a lesson story. This story tells if a person but who could have sinned wrongly. but it has no such purpose. you can read kid story,we tell our children this story so that they can learn from it.

 so now we start the  Kids story…

 The story for kids bedtime

In the Egyptian jungle, a prince grazes a few goats and spends on the milk and the fruits of the forest that he receive. He was a prince but he was not proud of kings.

He lived life like normal human beings, Most of the time, he eats dry food and spends his time in remembrance of God. His good behavior was discussed in the state. He inherited these qualities from his loving father.

One day the prince, after hearing about concession issues, in the jungle, indifferent to the world, fears God. Oh, that he saw a poor woodman cutting wood with his donkey. And he is being talked to even though he knew it, That the donkey was not listening to him or understanding, and then he started crying.

The prince was very surprised to see that the woodman cut wood daily, talking a few words to the donkey. And then weeping and gnawing.his was the case for a few days when the prince did not see his cry And he asked the woodworker ‘What is causing you to cry this way? The poor old man wept loudly and began to tell his story.


I had a son, whom God blessed with tremendous wealth, All kinds of luxury were available to him, but the pride of this wealth had fallen on his body. He could see nothing but his wealth. He used to hurt his poor relatives, humiliate them.

Then came the day of its destruction, And a relative of mine came from another state to become my query. Thinking that relatives help in difficult times.

She was very poor. Her daughter’s marriage was near. But there was no arrangement, it needed some money, Most of the time was spent in worship, but my son was blinded by wealth, beat him and drove him out of the house.

That was when our ruin began. That night, a red light went on and there was lightning. My son and I were sleeping sweetly on my soft bed, The woman kept crying at our door all night, It was not possible for her to return to another state in severe thunderstorms and dark nights. And that poor woman kept fighting the storm all night, When my eyes opened in the morning, the Hour broke on me.

My son was a donkey. The house was completely burned by falling lightning, Everything was ruined, my fault in all of this is that I did not stop my son from boasting, he did not stop any step towards evil. and now it is a world that I cut wood from the jungle and take it for my own son.

this is how our father and son are walking. The prince’s eyes were dimmed when he heard this.  keep silent on the evil and not stop it, You did not stop your son from hurting. I’m sorry about your situation.

Now I’m looking for this poor relative. The search for it makes me cry. Maybe they can trust me they’ll help me and I apologize for that. My sins may have been cleared up but alas they are nowhere to be found, The shouting began to cry.

The prince said wiping his tears. So ask God for the forgiveness of your sins. He is very merciful if he forgives you. Allah will surely do no reason to bring you to this woman. He is very kind. He does not wrong his servants..

One was a Princess story for kids

One was a Princess story for kids

At the same time, he fell in prostration and started crying out for his sins. Suddenly, Suddenly the sound of a horse’s hooves began to sound. a beautiful princess was riding on a white horse-drawn horse.

Nearly the prince asked: O prince, what is the matter? The prince tells the story of an old man. Tears flowed into the princess’s eyes and she got off her horse and said to the woodcutter.

I am the girl whose mother comes to your door for help. But your proud son has taken away the life of this kind woman. The storm rained at your door all night, that you might have mercy. Eventually, the cool drops of lightning could not bear the old life and left the world.

When it was morning, the king was on his usual patrol, Passing through it, he came to my mother when he saw the body of your mother and went down to the ground under my feet.


Now I had no support. The king was very upset to see all this, and finally, he decided to take me with him. I stayed in her palace for a while and since I found a good girl, he married me with his son.

It was probably the result of my mother’s prayers, who sacrificed his life for my sake and I am married to this good prince who is now standing before you, And the deeds of your proud son have fallen from the throne to the floor.

Seeing the power of God, the woodcutter was embarrassed to fall into the ground. And crying and apologizing to the princess. The princess was very kind. The woodcutter tears filled his heart and she forgave him, The power of God, the boy has returned to his original form at that moment. He fell in prostration God and began to apologize to the princess.


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