Best Romantic Urdu Novels 2020 | Romantic Novels list

Romantic Urdu Novels


We are going to share with you the top Best Romantic Novels. We have made this  Urdu Novels Romantic List after spending a couple of hours searching and thinking about novels. These novels include Short very Romantic Novels, Long Urdu Novels and also include some of the most famous Urdu novels in the history of Urdu.

I hope you will like this romantic novel list, I have tried my best to ad more and more Romantic Urdu Novels, you can tell us if you want any other Urdu Romantic Novels beside this, we will upload that novel what you ask.

Romantic Novels List | Famous Urdu Novels

We have tried to add all the good novels. Apart from this if you want to someone else novel, you can send us a novel name we will upload soon, But we are going to share one of the best writer novels.. Last but not least here is the list of best Urdu writers:

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Romantic Urdu Novels List

Kidnapping Romantic Urdu Novels

Best Urdu Kidnapping Romantic  Novels are liked by everyone. These create much suspense in us. While reading kidnapping novel and also “Romantic”, wao! what feelings came, we can understand it well. Best Urdu Kidnapping Romantic Novels are here for you.

 Rude Hero Based Romantic Novels

Which are those people who don’t accept the “love” or if they accept it they don’t tell the partners? This is called the Rudeness. We all know it but these types of novels are much interesting and loving to read and also the interest gets double when these novels are “Romantic”.We are providing you here many of these types of novels.


Army Based Romantic Novels 

Tell me about the person who doesn’t love the “Army” our soldiers, the most strong persons in the world. They have feelings 0f love but they don’t show it because they know that everyone so precious. They don’t want to put anyone’s life in danger. Novels based on Army are always liked by all 0f us. The army is our favorite one. Here are the novels based on Army and also romantic:

Hidden Nikah Based  Romantic Urdu Novels

Hidden Nikah based novels are very interesting to read. Many people like to read these novels. We are providing here for your interest in these novels:

Hero Teacher Romantic Novels

What about people who even never leave their teachers??? and what about these type of novels to read also with the taste of “Romance”. Here are many novels for you:

Very Romantic Urdu Novels  

“Romance” is always an important part of life. Many things are important but reading romantic novels provides a double taste of interest. Here are many novels with their links below:

Funny Romantic Urdu Novels 


Bold Urdu Romantic Novels 

  1. Inteha e Ishq Novel by Areej Shah  ( New episodic)
  2. Main Aashiq Deewana Tera by Areej Shah ( Latest )
  3. Ishq Novel By Areej Shah
  4. Bheegi Palkon Par Naam Tumhara Hai By Areej Shah
  5. Deedar e Ishqam by Areej Shah
  6. Rooh e Yaram Novel By Areej Shah
  7. Ek lafz Ishq novel by areej shah
  8. Mera Sitamgar Urdu Novel By Areej Shah
  9. Chahunga main tujhe hardam tu meri Zindagi by areej shah
  10. Tum zeest ka Hasil ho novel by areej shah
  11. Tum ko maana manzil aur Dil Musafir ho Gaya  by Areej Shah
  12. Ishq e haqiqi novel by areej shah
  13. Bhandan Mohabbat Ka novel by Areej Shah 
  14. Ek Tera Dil Pigalta Nahi Hai Novel by Areej Shah
  15. Meri Tanhai Meri Jaan pe Bani Hai Saiyyan By Areej Shah
  16. Wo Hoye Meharban Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel  (Latest)
  17. Dilon Ke Milan Novel By Qamrosh Ashok
  18. Yeh dil aseer e jaan by Qamrosh Ashok
  19. Talash by Qamrosh Ashok
  20. Han Mujhe Bas Tum Se Mohabbat Hai By Qamrosh Ashok
  21. Mehakti Bahrain by Qamrosh
  22. Dil Hara Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel  (Latest)
  23. Dil Yun Mile Hamare by Zeenia Sharjeel
  24. Shame Inteqam Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  25. You are mine complete novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  26. Basilsila e Taa Azal complete novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  27. Gunahgar Complete novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  28. Itni Muhabbat Kro Na by Zeenia Sharjeel
  29. Itni Muhabbat Kro Naa (Season 2) by Zeenia Sharjeel

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