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Shame Inteqam Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

Shame Inteqam Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

Shame Inteqam Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel

“Sham e Inteqam” is best novel which is writen by Zeenia Sharjeel. Sham e Inteqam novel is beautiful novel and so romantic. people also love to read it. 

This novel will make you feel the difficulties of life and the circumstances that effect our behaviour. We start to understand the life’s rules.

Read it, Enjoy it, Learn from it.

Reading Online Sham e Inteqam

Zeenia Sharjeel is the best Urdu novel writer. She has written many novels in Urdu and English also. She can beautifully describe the feelings of a person facing the difficulties on one side and at the other she also shows the life of people living happily, having no tension about anything.

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