Today gold rate in Pakistan |  Gold Price In Pakistan

Today gold rate in Pakistan: Gold Rate Wednesday, 23 March 2022  is being traded at “Rs. 130500 per Tola. The price of gold per gram may fluctuate frequently in accordance with an existing global price level and changes of currency to rupee as well as with the increase or decrease of demand and supply within the domestic markets.

Today Gold Rate In Pakistan 

Gold price in Pakistan Today  24K Gold Rate Today 22K Gold Rate Today 21K Gold Rate Today 18K Gold Rate Today
Gold Per Tola Rs. 130500 Rs. 119624 Rs. 114188 Rs. 97875
Gold Per 10 Grams Rs. 111880 Rs. 102556 Rs. 97895 Rs. 83910
Gold Per Gram Rs. 11188 Rs. 10256 Rs. 9790 Rs. 8391
Gold Per Ounce Rs. 317174 Rs. 290741 Rs. 277527 Rs. 237881

Gold rate in Pakistan for last 10 days

Date Gold price in Pakistan today per Tola Rate
March 21 2022 Rs. 130,500
March 20 2022 Rs. 131,200
March 19 2022 Rs. 131,200
March 18 2022 Rs. 133,900
March 17 2022 Rs. 130,500
March 16 2022 Rs. 129,200
March 15 2022 Rs. 129,500
March 14 2022 Rs. 133,900
March 13 2022 Rs. 131,500
March 12 2022 Rs. 131,500


Gold can be used for many useful things and that is why it’s considered valuable. There are many uses for gold, especially jewelry. The cost of gold is in high demand, especially because this precious metal is so widely used for all sorts of things in every aspect of life. Also, the rate at which different types of gold medals can be traded is dependent on their purity; the purer the metal, the higher will be its weight and consequently price.

Which gold is best to buy?

22k gold is best for jewelry, it is pure gold. 24k gold is for coins, it is pure gold. But you can buy gold coins which are 24k and for jewelry, you can buy 22k gold.

What is the price of 1 tola gold in Pakistan today?

Gold prices in Pakistan are more or less the same as in other countries. Today’s gold price in Pakistan is Rs. 130500 per tola.

What is the gold rate today in Karachi?

The gold rate today in Karachi is Rs. 130500 per tola.

What is 24 karat gold?

24 karat gold is gold that is made up of 24/24 parts. In monetary terms, it means that the weight of 24 parts of gold is equal to the weight of one part of pure gold. There are many forms of gold that are used in jewelry and other industries, but the highest form of gold is called 24 karat gold.

How many grams is Tola?

A Tola is a traditional weight system used in India and Pakistan. As most of the countries have converted to the metric system, the official Tola definition is now not used in everyday life. A tola is equal to 3.75 grams. One tola is equal to the weight of two cowrie shells, a small amount of gold or silver. Before the metric system, one tola was equal to 11.1 grams.

Where can I sell my gold in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, you can sell your gold to a local jeweler or at a bank. You can also sell it to a local gold buyer. They will give you a better deal than banks or jewelers. You can find gold buyers in your locality by searching online or asking your friends. When you have decided on a gold buyer, check their reviews online, ask for feedback from friends. If you really want to get the best deal, ask the dealer for the origin of their gold and make sure that it is authentic. Reputable gold dealers only deal with authentic gold.

What will cause gold prices to drop?

Gold prices are affected by many factors, including the supply and demand for gold and the interest rate in the country. When demand for gold increases and supply decreases, gold prices go up (short term). When the interest rates are low, it is a good time to buy gold. The US interest rate hit a record low in 2008 and it became a good time to buy gold. As of Aug 2010, the interest rate is starting to go up and it’ll become more difficult to buy gold. Inflation may also play a role in gold prices. People may invest in gold as they expect prices to go up.

What influences the price of gold?

Gold price is influenced by a number of different factors. These include how much gold is available for sale, how many investors are buying and selling gold, and how much demand exists for gold-related products, such as gold jewelry and coins. For example, if a jewelry company wants to increase its inventory of gold products, it may purchase more gold from a bullion dealer. This increases the demand for gold, which in turn tends to drive up the price of gold.

How does war affect gold prices?

Gold is not just a commodity. It is a store of wealth. In times of war, people are seen to flock the gold stores in order to save hard-earned money. The demand for gold increases in such times. This is why the price of gold rises.

Gold prices tend to increase during times of war. This is because governments usually impose some kind of restrictions on the amount of gold that their citizens are allowed to own. In addition, wars usually lead to inflation, which means that paper money loses value. Gold, on the other hand, may become increasingly valuable as it is a relatively fixed commodity that can hold its worth well in times of inflation.

Disclaimer: is not a gold dealer and does not provide a gold exchange or jewelry manufacturing maintains the accuracy of gold rates in Pakistan by using reliable sources and keeping up to date with market data. However, the gold and silver rates are constantly is not responsible or liable for any transactions made on the basis of these gold rates.


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