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50+ Farah Tahir Novels List | Best Romantic Novels By Farah Tahir

Farah Tahir Novels List

50+ Farah Tahir Novels List | Best Romantic Novels By Farah Tahir

Farah Tahir Novels List |


Today we are going to share with you Farah Tahir Novels. Farah Tahir is currently considered one of the best digest afsana and novel writer. she has written many novels so far but the number of people who read her novels in a thousand.  Farah Tahir writing for shua, Hina,khawateen and many other Pakistani digests.That’s why we are sharing with you the Farah Tahir complete novel list.

Farah Tahir All Novels

if you like to read the romantic novel so her novels are perfect for you because of her novels based on romantic stories.if we talk about her writing style so she writes mostly romantic and rude hero based novels. She has millions of readers. she wrote Romantic and realistic novels, her novels very famous not only in Pakistan even Indian, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, And Saudia Arabic peoples love to read.

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Farah Tahir Novels

  1. Aaen se aurt by Farah Tahir
  2. Aana ki jeet by Farah Tahir
  3. Aanchal ka meena bazar by Farah Tahir
  4. Abghinay pay taj mehain by Farah Tahir
  5. Ablaa pa by Farah Tahir
  6. Adb adeeb by farah tahir
  7. Aek thi guriya by farah tahir
  8. Ahsasy Nadamt by farah tahir
  9. Ahtrame mahobt by farah tahir
  10. baat toh sach thi by farah tahir
  11. Bebasi by farah tahir
  12. Bhatakti rooh by farah tahir
  13. Bitya ka angna by farah tahir
  14. chingari main dabi khuwaish by farah tahir 
  15. chup k dukh by farah tahir
  16. israry zindaghi by farah tahir
  17. jazba e nisaar by farah tahir
  18. khalosy raigha by farah tahir
  19. khas mehmaan by farah tahir
  20. khuwaisho k rang by farah tahir
  21. khuwaisho ki be rang titliyan by farah tahir
  22. kuch kaliyan chand gulab by farah tahir
  23. Khawab khuwaish aor arzu by farah tahir
  24. la hasli ka hasil by farah tahir
  25. lagi tum se lagan by farah tahir
  26. loot sail by farah tahir
  27. Muhabbat k gulab by farah tahir 
  28. Muhabbat jeet hoti hai by farah tahir
  29. main ne pareet nibhai by farah tahir
  30. Mery dil se bojh otaar do by Farah Tahir
  31. Milo gy tumHm ko magr nasibo se by farah tahir
  32. Mn batiya by farah tahir
  33. Naae mosamo ki khusbo by farah tahir
  34. Nanhi khuwaish by farah tahir
  35. Nazuk door by farah tahir
  36. Open merit by farah tahir
  37. Pachtawa by farah tahir
  38. Qismat k khail by farah tahir
  39. sachi mahobt by farah tahir
  40. sawal by farah tahir
  41. Shishy sa aytbaar by farah tahir
  42. sochny ki baat by farah tahir
  43. tavizy hub by farah tahir
  44. tazaad by farah tahir
  45. tum hi rehty ho dil main by farah tahir
  46. tum zeest ka hasil ho by farah tahir
  47. Ujli subho ki mehaikti eid az qalm farah tahir
  48. Vehmay az qalam Farah Tahir
  49. Wafa matoob theeri az qalam Farah Tahir
  50. wapsi az qalam Farah Tahir
  51. ye zindaghi by farah tahir
  52. zindaghi pholo ki raah guzar by farah tahir


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