Urdu Novels Alia Bukhari Novels

Alia bukhari Novels List

Alia Bukhari Novels List

Alia Bukhari Novels List

The famous Urdu novel is so interesting and wonderful. People love to read it. Beautiful feelings come when we read Urdu novel. difficulties of life come and go but it matters how we tackle it. Happiness comes and go and never prolongs so we should always be thankful for this life and the famous Urdu novels writers.

Aalia Bukhari Novels List

  1. Gumshuda lamhon ka hisab novel by Alia Bukhari
  2. Dewar E Shab novel by Alia Bukhar
  3. Titli Ki Udhan By Alia Bukhari
  4. Khawab Siraaye By Alia Bukhari
  5. Shehr-e-Aashob By Alia Bukhari
  6. Freb e Nazer By Alia Bukhari
  7. Abhi Manzar Badlna He By Alia Bukhari
  8. Mohabbat Abar Ki Soorat by Alia Bukhari

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