Dajjal 2 by Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu lubaba Urdu Novel pdf

Dajjal 2  by Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu lubaba

Dajjal 2  by Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu lubaba complete pdf file

The book Dajjal 2 is written by Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu lubaba. Mufti Abdu Lubaba Shah Mansoor has also written many books on Dajjal (Anti-Christ). The e-book “Dajjal 2” (Aalmi Dajjali Riyasat Ibtida se Inteha Tak i.e international Anti Christ country’s from beginning to its end. in this e-book Mufti has defined the shape and the story of Dajjal i.e Anti Christ in step with Hadiths and Islamic factor of view. Mufti Shah Mansoor name involves mind each time Dajjal is mentioned. Mr. Mufti Lubaba similarly spotlighted the Dajjal Anti Christ. He has mentioned approximately Dajjal in step with the present day activities of the planet earth. Mufti Lubaba desires to aware all of the Muslims about this Fitna-e-Dajjal. he additionally stated a way to keep away from from this

Anti Christ could be emerged in the planet earth with unlimited powers granted via Allah to check Muslims and Christians. Muslims and Christians believe in Anti-Christ (Dajjal). in addition the Jews are waiting for his global tremendous leader i.e Anti-Christ, Muslims and Christians might be towards of Anti Christ Dajjal even as the Jews might be his followers Anti-Christ can be capable of make alive a useless frame and he’ll claim that he’s a God and secular human beings turns into his believers. Dajjal could be eventually killed by Hazrat Eisa A.S (Jesus).

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Dajjal 2  by Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu lubaba

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Dajjal 2 by Mufti Shah Mansoor Abu lubaba Urdu Novel pdf

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